Elon Musk’s ChatGPT rival Grok will also enter Tesla vehicles

Elon Musks ChatGPT rival Grok will also enter Tesla vehicles

Elon Musk’s ChatGPT rival Grokas it turns out, in the future directly Tesla It will also be included in signed vehicles.

Elon Musk founded by xAI company, yesterday Grok launched a ChatGPT-like chat bot called ChatGPT. For now, this system only applies to X living in the USA.X Premium+It is open to people who subscribe to it and has only been tested on a small scale. Grok, In general, it is a productive artificial intelligence system where people can chat and get answers to their questions. Here is this advanced system, as far as it is reported It will also be directly included in Tesla brand vehicles in the future.a smaller version is used in advanced computer systems in current Model series electric cars sedentary duty able to. In other words, this version of Grok, which will not require a constant internet connection, will provide drivers with information on many different subjects and allow vehicle features to be managed better than ever before with voice commands.


In his statement about the chat bot, he said, ““At xAI, we want to create artificial intelligence tools that will assist humanity in its search for knowledge.” The company stated that Grok was built on an engine called Grok-1 and that it basically It states that there is a large language model that has been developed/trained for four months..

“Grok is designed to answer questions with a bit of humor and has a rebellious streak. So if you hate humor, please don’t use it!” Grok, the xAI company, also made the statement: ““It will answer controversial questions rejected by most other AI systems.” also states.


Elon Musk says that artificial intelligence can access information / data in X in real time and will be one step ahead of its competitors. As for xAI itself in this regard, “Grok’s unique advantage is that it has real-time information about the world through its X platform.” says.

“The system is still a very early beta product – the best we can do with 2 months of training – and so we expect it to improve rapidly each week with your help.” xAI said: It is not yet clear when it will open the system to everyone. It is thought that after a while, access to this system will be possible with a significant subscription fee other than X Premium+.