Dora Özsoy Game Cardboard Town Did Not Receive an Award in Indie X 2023

Dora Ozsoy Game Cardboard Town Did Not Receive an Award

Cardboard Town, developed by Stratera Games, founded by the famous Youtuber, presenter and game developer Dora Özsoy, continues to achieve significant success. Cardboard Town, which did a great job by being among the top 50 productions in the “best indie games” competition held in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal this year, could not be among the 5 games that received awards. However, Dora Özsoy game Cardboard Town Indie X in 2023 It was one of the productions that made a name for itself.

Cardboard Town Indie

Indie X 2023, where dozens of games competed in the Indie games category, has ended. In the event held on 16-17 November, with games top 50 games Dora Özsoy, who announced that they succeeded in getting into the finals with a post on her personal Twitter (X) account at the end of October, also stated that they failed to receive an award in the final in the same way. Here is Dora Özsoy’s post:

Cardboard Town’s success in the organization, where even being among the top 50 Indie games is a great success, was described as extremely promising in terms of the point our country’s game industry has reached.

Steam switched to dollars, games increased prices. You can also take a look here for comparative Steam game prices, including Cardboard Town.

1 More Turkish Game in the Top 50: Bluespy Studios is in the Finals with Toy Shire!

Besides Cardboard Town, another Turkish game managed to take part in Indie X 2023. Developed by Turkey-based game company Bluespy Studios and published by Catoptric Games. “Toy Shire” The play named was among the productions that managed to make it to the finals. However, Toy Shire, like Cardboard Town, could not leave the competition with an award.

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In the organization where the best indie games of 2023 compete 2 Turkish games While its success was extremely important, it also took its place in the records as a development that would set an example for other game developer companies.

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While Toy Shire is already on the market with its demo, according to the information on Steam, the game is expected to be released before the end of 2024. The demo of the game is now available for download. and can be added to the wish list via Steam.