Couple: what is this question to ask every day to make love last?

Couple what is this question to ask every day to

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    According to a study, communication in the couple is still the best way to prove your affection and your interest for the other. With one simple question in particular.

    It’s not just grand declarations and grand gestures that keep love alive in a relationship. There are also, and above all, these small, banal and daily marks of attention that cement the couple. A data currently proven by science: researchers at the University of Waterloo in Belgium have studied the communication between two romantic partners and it turns out that a very simple daily question would have more effects than an avalanche of compliments .

    Show your love in just one question

    And this question is probably one of the most banal that exists since it is about “How was your day?” posed on the return of the loved one. Easy, isn’t it? According to the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology this simple attention would reassure people who do not feel fully accepted and who do not have much confidence in themselves. Surprisingly, these few banal words would be even more reassuring and comforting than compliments that are less well perceived by people lacking in confidence.

    Being asked about their day isn’t threatening because it doesn’t ask the person to say more than they want. People with low levels of confidence are afraid to come forward because they are afraid of being rejected. They can stay in control by only talking about the parts of their day that they feel safe to reveal.” establish the scientists.

    5 studies to demonstrate the power of this question

    However, this conclusion is not just a guess. The researchers in question conducted five different studies with 359 adults between the ages of 18 and 66. In the first two, people with a lower level of trust “feel more satisfied with their relationship when they report that their partner asks them about their day”. The third study establishes that “this gesture is felt as a sign of attention“. A feeling confirmed in the fourth and fifth studies analyzed. In these, people with low levels of trust felt that their partner took “more care of her when he asked them questions more frequently.”

    A little advice, then, if you want to show your partner that he still matters to you: offering him a little attention or trying to please him is fine, but asking about his well-being day after day is fine. is even better.