BMW started production of “Gen 6” batteries that increase range

BMW started production of Gen 6 batteries that increase range

Being one of the world’s largest automobile companies, it attaches great importance to electric vehicles. bmw“Gen 6” batteries are put into production started.

German automobile giant BMWstarted trial production of its new batteries / battery cells, referred to as “Gen 6”, in a factory in Germany. As far as reported, these batteries will be on sale in 2025. Based in Neue Klasse will be used in electric vehicles. So what exactly will Gen 6 bring? New infrastructure based on BMW’s existing cells 20 percent more energy densityup to 30 percent accordingly more range and 60 percent lower production-based carbon emission It will make a serious difference with. BMW electric cars will come in the Neue Klasse class with Gen 6 batteries, which are generally said to have higher nickel content, lower cobalt content on the cathode side and higher silicon content on the anode side than existing cells. It will easily reach a range of up to 800 km.


Meanwhile, the basis of the electric car market in the future solid state battery will create systems. BMW is also actively working in this field. Nowadays many electric car The model offers very good range values. But this is a start and solid state batteries with many more on the way. In the future lithium-ion These batteries that will replace the batteries have been on for a very long time. BMW, Ford, QuantumScape, Solid Power And Samsung Names such as are actively working.

This new generation battery technology, which is safer than lithium-ion batteries and can store more energy than existing solutions, provides longer usage time and is much more resistant to harsh conditions. Expected to revolutionize the field solid state batteriesIt can store more energy per unit area than lithium-ion batteries. 800km It standardizes ranges such as.

One of the companies taking steps in this regard is bmw is coming. Working on technology for a long time Solid Power company, recently bmw decided to take its partnerships one step further. Licensing Solid Power’s solid-state battery research/development, cell design and manufacturing applications bmwintends to use the company’s pilot production line at its own facility in Germany to produce its own prototype battery cells. The two manufacturers also announce that they will carry out joint R&D studies for the future.

However, the fruits of this partnership will be reaped too late. According to the statement Solid Power solid state battery samples to BMW 2023 Prototype vehicle to be demonstrated in this regard 2025 The first mass-produced BMW electric vehicle with a solid-state battery, which will be put on the roads in 2030 It will hit the roads in . of the company Solid Power It is not expected to take a solid state step with a company other than The year 2030 seems really far away.