Baby at 7 months: meals, sleep, motor skills and language

Baby at 7 months meals sleep motor skills and language

During the 7th month, baby makes a lot of progress, especially in terms of motor skills and language. At this age, baby gradually begins to crawl and express themselves in their own way. Here is what changes in the child at 7 years old in his diet, his sleep, his growth and his behavior.

At the age of 7 months, baby enters a whole new stage in his life. During this month, he will make many discoveries and significant progress, both in terms of motor skills and language. It continues to evolve every day at high speed. Here are all the changes to come, with the advice of Doctor Noémie Nathan, pediatrician in Montreuil for a child in great shape.

The evolutions are diverse at 7 months. Baby starts to sit up, he babbles, he easily grasps the toys around him, and when it comes to food, he eats with a spoon… In short, he grows and develops his abilities. He is starting to move around and his motor skills are improving day by day.

At 7 months, baby is growing rapidly, and all this progress should prompt you to be even more vigilant, especially when he is on his changing table.

What should a 7 month old baby eat?

During this 7th month, baby’s diet is still evolving. The pediatrician recalls:He spends a lot of energy and needs to eat well!“He now consumes starches as well as fish (sole, cod, place…). You can also give it some cheese and croutons of bread. He can also eat Egg yolk, provided it is well cooked. Remember to add fat (butter, oil, cream) to his meal. At 7 months, baby meals consist of:

  • in the morning: a 240 ml bottle, possibly including second-age flour,
  • lunch: 180 grams of vegetables, 20 grams of meat or fish,
  • at snack time: a dairy product, a little fruit juice and a small cake or a crouton of bread,
  • in the evening: a 240 ml bottle with a little flour.

What is the weight and height of a 7 month old baby?

At 7 months, your baby is growing fast, on average he takes 2 centimeters per month. According to his size, he therefore measures between 67 cm and 73 cm and weighs a little more than 7 kilos.

What is the motor skills of a 7 month old baby?

New parents are often eager to see their baby sit up, but do not force things! Some children hold it up to sitting around 7 months of age, but if your child doesn’t, don’t worry. Everything in its time. At this time, when lying down, baby rolls over more and more easily. But if he raises his chest, whether on his stomach or on his back, he is not yet able to move into a sitting position on his own. Nevertheless, when he is on his stomach, your baby starts to crawl. You will see that he will start by going backwards, pushing up on his arms first. The 4-legged position is also acquired, but your baby may stay in this position without moving forward or backward. He is testing his motor skills and it is often very amusing to see!

Otherwise, his agility develops. He grasps objects with both hands and is able to switch them from one to the other. It is also around seven months thathe starts throwing everything down. Know that this step is important in its construction. Indeed, at this age, he becomes aware that objects continue to exist even when he does not see them. It’s time to play hide and seek with him.

My baby at 7 months does not crawl, how can I help him?

If your baby isn’t crawling at 7 months, there’s no need to pressure or worry. He takes the time he needs. However, you can help him and stimulate him by positioning one of his rolling toys in front of him, so that he can crawl along if he wants.

What is the baby’s language at 7 months?

Baby now clearly recognizes sounds and where they come from. He also responds to his first name by turning his head when called. The sounds it emits continue to evolve. They look more and more like syllables. Experts call this the babbling. We will never remind you enough of this, but it is important to converse with your baby so that he learns to speak. A little anecdote: studies have shown that babies do not babble the same way according to their mother tongue. But no matter, the main thing is to allow him to retain as many sounds and words as possible so that he can then communicate with you!

Can a 7 month old baby have tantrums?

At 7 months, you may notice behavioral changes in baby but from there to whims no, he is still too young. The child at this age fully discovers the world around him, he observes, he tests, he grasps but his brain is not developed enough to capture the emotions he feels. If baby cries, grimaces or groans, it is simply a sign that he needs something, like a need for attention.

Why does a 7 month old baby cry a lot?

Baby at 7 months becomes more and more aware of separations when one of his parents has to be absent from a room. He needs you to feel close to him, but when you’re away he tends to get nervous and restless. It is for this thathe may then cry more frequently when separated from you. In these cases, do not hesitate to reassure him and explain to him in simple words why you have to leave. You can also use his pacifier if he has one to soothe him or his comforter.

What toys and activities to occupy a 7 month old baby?

At the 7th month, you can start offering him age-appropriate books and telling him stories. You will see that he will enjoy turning and turning the pages. Choose from cardboard books, in plastic or fabric (a must at this age), well colored, which will allow him to discover animals, to touch the different textures to awaken his senses. You can also offer him activities and stimulation games, such as sensory bins, without dangerous elements that it is likely to swallow. Also suggest that he stack towers of cubes or have fun with small musical instruments.

Why doesn’t my 7 month old sleep through the night?

Baby sleep also changes at 7 months. This month, the eight-month crisis may be on its way and that’s totally normal. Doctor Nathan specifies that these upheavals can have an impact on his sleep: “Nights can also be a little more chaotic. If baby was sleeping very well until then and he wakes up again, it could also be a sign that he needs to eat more during the day.”

My baby coughs a lot at 7 months, why?

It is not uncommon for baby to have a cold, even at 7 months. He has a blocked nose and may be congested, these secretions may then cause a cough. If he coughs when he’s on his stomach, it could be reflux. If the cough persists apart from any other signs or you find that your baby has a respiratory gene, consult your pediatrician.

Good to know : there is no specific visit during the 7th month baby. However, do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician if you have any questions, in particular about food diversification, or if your baby seems less fit than usual.

Why is my 7 month old vomiting?

At 7 months of age, vomiting may be a sign of reflux, however, this risk decreases as baby begins to move around and become more seated. In more severe acute episodes, vomiting may be induced by gastroenteritis, a cold or an ear infection. As Dr. Nathan reminds us, diversification can also be involved: “It is possible for example that baby eats a little too much and as he becomes more and more agitated, vomiting is not unusual after the meal. He can also be a little disturbed by fruits that are too acidic, be vigilant on this point.” In this case, also make sure that your baby stays well hydrated, and consumes enough liquids to avoid dehydration.