At the heart of the Sony PlayStation VR2 headset is a MediaTek processor

At the heart of the Sony PlayStation VR2 headset is

Sony PlayStation VR2 An important technical detail came to the fore for the virtual reality headset. Behind the hood is a MediaTek processor.

Sony PlayStation VR2 or PSVR2, according to the official announcement made by Sony last week It will go on sale on February 22 with a price tag of $ 550.. In general, the product looks very ambitious, MediaTek as announced by will be based on the company’s first VR processor. No details are given for this processor yet, but this is the case. MediaTek It means great success for you. on PS5 itself AMD Working with Sony, mobile PSVR2 strengthened in this area MediaTek worried Qualcomm by partnering with case.

Curious PSVR2 has been actively involved in mass production for some time. The title, which will not miss the targeted sales period, is aimed to produce at least 2 million units by March 2023. That this is pretentious for such an expensive product, It is reported that Sony expects more demand with the VR2 than the first model. The Turkish price or date is not yet given for the product, which will be opened for pre-order abroad on November 15.

To remember, when Cinematic Mode is opened in front of people in title games It will bring a 1080P virtual screen. On this screen, non-VR games can be played or navigated in the PS interface. star of the show in VR mode with a total resolution of 4000 x 2040 pixels (2000 x 2040 pixels per eye) 360-degree gaming pleasure will be obtained between 90 / 120 Hz. The panel used in the model is based on OLED technology, so it brings real blacks.


In the title a There will also be live broadcast support.. This will require an external PS5 HD camera. People who buy this camera will be able to broadcast both themselves and the game footage live. This situation is particularly game publishers will be delighted.

The product will also allow you to look at the room without removing the hood. In this way, aiming to prevent many accidents, Sony, here it will also allow people to define a private playground. At the extreme points of this area, the user will be warned visually and audibly against the risks of crashing / falling.

When it comes out, it will host more than 20 big games and will be in the first stage. Resident Evil Village, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Ch2, No Man’s Sky and Horizon Franchise The following games will come later for the title that will make a sound with productions such as:

  • -The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR
  • -Cities VR Enhanced
  • -Crossfire: Sierra Squad
  • -The Light Brigade
  • -Cosmonious High
  • -Hello Neighbor Search & Rescue
  • -Jurassic World Aftermath Collection
  • -Pistol Whip VR
  • -Zenith: The Last City
  • -After the Fall
  • -Tentacular

Games released for PSVR with PSVR 2 will not be played. There has not been a backward adaptation on this issue, but it is thought that there will not be many people who are upset about this. Most of the games released for PSVR are not particularly good in terms of graphics.