Trump ready for debate Biden: Valduel in court

Trump ready for debate Biden Valduel in court



full screen Then-President Donald Trump and then-challenger Democrat Joe Biden in a debate at Belmont University, October 2020. File photo. Photo: Jim Bourg/Pool Via AP/TT

US President Joe Biden says he is ready to debate with the likely Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Biden’s outburst was made in an interview with controversial radio host Howard Stern.

– I would be happy to debate with him. I will, somewhere, I don’t know when, Biden said.

The Democrats’ election organization has long been evasive about whether Biden is prepared to run in an electoral duel with former President Donald Trump. The election debates are a tradition in the United States, but recent meetings between Biden and Trump during the 2020 election campaign were about to end in chaos after the two spoke at each other’s mouths and profanities were exchanged.

Donald Trump immediately responded to Biden’s invitation on Friday:

“Anywhere, anytime,” Trump wrote on social media, as usual in capital letters. Trump then proposed a venue for the debate, while complaining about the many lawsuits pending against him.

“We can have the debate in the courthouse tonight – on national television, I’ll be waiting here,” Trump wrote, referring to his ongoing trial in New York.