At school, a boy must draw the person he loves the most. The mother is summoned.

At school a boy must draw the person he loves

A woman shared on social media the event that led to her summons to school.

A boy had to draw the person he loves most in the world at school. The result was so unusual that his mother was invited to the school to discuss it. The situation, tinged with humor and tenderness, was shared by the mother on social networks, and quickly captured the attention of many Internet users.

Helena, the mother in question, received an unexpected call from her son’s teacher. The latter, visibly intrigued and perhaps even a little amused, wanted Helena to come and see with her own eyes the drawing that her son had created. The boy had taken up the challenge posed by his school: to represent the person he adored, doing his favorite activity.

Once at school, the discovery was both surprising and revealing. The drawing showed, in the mother’s words, a woman lying among a myriad of hearts. At the top, there was a red object, identified as a cell phone, and at the bottom, a yellow rectangle represented a connected television. The son had chosen to represent his mother, the object of his supreme affection, in her privileged moment of relaxation: lying on her bed, surrounded by electronic devices. In short, according to the child, the mother spends her time on her bed watching TV and her cell phone. Little glorious!

Helena, with a touch of irony and a touch of nostalgia, accompanied her video with a text that was as funny as it was moving. She evokes the joys of parenthood with a slight sarcasm: “Have children, they said… it will be fun, they will be your greatest allies, the people who will love you the most”. The mocking tone poorly conceals the tenderness of a mother in the face of the innocence and adoration of a child.

The post, enriched with this family anecdote, quickly went viral, garnering thousands of views and a plethora of comments. Many parents found themselves in this story, sharing their own experiences with a touch of humor and a lot of affection. One user confessed: “My son would do the same drawing,” while another commenter highlighted the positive side, emphasizing the beauty of the fact that the son chose his mother as the central character in his work.