After Kevin Costner’s exit: Next big change for Yellowstone universe revealed

After Kevin Costners exit Next big change for Yellowstone universe

For a long time, it seemed as if Yellowstone was an untouchable series giant that would accompany us for years to come. Last but not least, the western series was able to achieve spectacular odds and gave Kevin Costner a career renaissance that most actors can only dream of.

But now it is Costner, of all people, whose departure is making the biggest headlines. For months, fans have been wondering whether John Dutton, who he plays, will return for the finale of the mother series. Behind the scenes, however, there is still a lot going on in the Yellowstone universe. other construction sites to discover, for example, in 1923.

Big Yellowstone change aside from Kevin Costner’s exit: 1923 leaves Montana behind

The spin-off, which will be launched in 2022 and will star Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, starts a few generations earlier and tells the story of the Dutton family. Critics and audiences were enthusiastic, so Paramount+ announced an extension just a few weeks after the launch. But then the Production interrupted.



The reason for this is the strike of screenwriters and actors that had Hollywood firmly in its grip last year. The second season of 1923 was originally supposed to have been shot on a soundstage at the Butte Civic Center in Montana However, due to delays caused by the strike, this is no longer possible.

As Collider reports, this has serious consequences for the series: Production will relocated from Montana to TexasThis is a hard blow for Yellowstone fans – after all, the series of the successful Western franchise rely heavily on the landscapes of Montana, where the Duttons’ home is located.

Texas instead of Montana: Tax breaks and the Hollywood strike are responsible for the 1923 change

JP Gallagher, the Chief Executive of Butte-Silver Bow County, is disappointed but also understands the reasons behind the change of production location:

The decision to film the Yellowstone series in Texas in 1923 wasst disappointing. However, we respect the production team’s decision and recognize that it was influenced by factors beyond our control. We were in discussions with production about returning 1923 to Butte due to the positive experience they had here, but state tax incentive programs were a major factor in moving production to Texas.

Tax incentives play an important role in film and series projects. Often they are Amounts in the millionsthat no studio wants to do without.



It is not yet clear how serious the change of production location will be for the story of 1923. One advantage of the spin-off is that we follow many different characters who in many different places 1923 is therefore less dependent on Montana than Yellowstone.

When does the second season of the Yellowstone series 1923 start?

Since filming has not yet started, we should not expect the Yellowstone spin-off to continue this year. Currently, everything indicates that the second season of 1923 will not begin until 2025 arrives at Paramount+.

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