Antti Tuisku and Andrea Bocelli beat the top teams of the SM league in Tampere – EPN’s expert was outraged: “Shameful decision”

Antti Tuisku and Andrea Bocelli beat the top teams of

In the Ice Hockey Championship League, the semi-finals start on Friday evening. HIFK and Tappara meet in Helsinki, Pelicans challenge Ilves in Lahti. Puhe’s puck tour starts at 6:15 p.m.

In the ice hockey SM league, an exceptional situation is seen in the semi-finals. Tappara and Ilves were the two top teams in the regular season, so according to the rules they should have the home advantage and should be allowed to start the semi-finals in their home hall.

However, the Tampere arena is booked for the weekend and the beginning of the week Antti Tuiskun mixed Andrea Bocelli for concerts.

The match schedule has been changed so that the teams from Tampere play the first two matches of their semi-final series in away stadiums. After that, there will be three home games in a row.

The number one in the regular season, Tappara, will face the six-seeded HIFK, and the second-placed Ilves will face the four-seeded Pelicans.

Sports expert Top Nättinen criticized the decision.

– This is the most unimaginable sporting solution I have ever seen. I don’t know how this has ended and how this has gone through. I think this is a scandalous solution, Nättinen downloads.

Nättinen emphasizes that the idea of ​​home benefit can already be found in the word. According to the expert, 60 matches are played in the regular season in order to get home advantage. When we go to the semifinals to play for the place in the final, there is no longer a similar home advantage.

– This also does not serve HIFK and Pelicans when they have to play the next three games in a row away from home. Fortunately, the distances are relatively short. But there are no words for this. This was a shameful solution. I hope that such a decision was made for the last time, Nättinen continues in amazement.

The CEO of Ilves was also surprised

The schedule for the SC league playoffs was published at the end of February. It was already clear at that time that there will be overlaps in the Tampere arena during the semi-finals. CEO of Tampere Arena Marko Hurme stated in February to that the timing of announcing the schedule for the SC league playoffs is problematic.

Concerts and major events are typically arranged years in advance. The arena has been booked for events up to the year 2028. The cancellations during the corona period are still reflected in the scheduling of the events.

– I don’t see a similar challenge in our horizons next spring, Hurme described to .

CEO of Ilves Risto Jalo also reminded Urheilu on Thursday that the overlapping of the concerts with the semi-finals of the SM league has been known for a long time.

– It was a little surprising that there will be a six-day break. But we live with it, Jalo said.

CEO of Tappara Mika Aro says that he doesn’t think there will be similar overlaps next season. According to Aro, the solutions to this spring’s situation were found in a good understanding between the SM league, the arena company and the clubs. In Tappara, we have tried to think about the positive aspects of the matter.

– We’ll get there now with good travel. After the first game, we will stay in Helsinki for the night. You don’t really have to take a bus between Helsinki and Tampere. Hopefully the team will stay fresh then, says Aro.

Nättinen considers the importance of change to be enormous. He reminds that in the playoffs of the SM league, it is rare to get from a 0–2 winning situation to the next stage.

– I wonder how there hasn’t been more talk about this. I completely understand clubs and teams that they can’t focus on this. They play when they say. They appear in the rink where the game is marked. However, everyone understands that this has a massive meaning. What are we committed to? What do the rules say? Why is the regular season played? Why do we aim for the best possible places? Nättinen reminds you of the basics.

This is how the dreams of the people of Tampere can be crushed

Despite everything, Tappara and Ilves are early favorites in the semi-finals. However, Nättinen believes that the Lahti Pelicans have a chance to benefit from the program change.

– Pelicans’ play has been up and down. There is enough to do at home, but the biggest challenge is playing away in Tampere. Pelicans have not beaten Ilves in Tampere Areena even once. The Pelicans have the benefit of the first two games at home, but the chances are really slim. Ilves only has small question marks, such as pakisto, Nättinen estimates.

HIFK’s season has included many phases. The beginning of the season was really difficult, but at the end, HIFK made it to the top six in the regular season and went directly to the quarterfinals. In them, Rauma Lukko fell with a 4–2 victory.

However, the lock was not at its best in the quarterfinals. Nättinen is looking forward to seeing HIFK’s condition against a better and clearly more efficient opponent.

– There is a massive mountain to climb, Nättinen sums up HIFK’s situation.

Nättinen sees the decisive thing for Pelicans and HIFK is that either of them should at least win the first of the upcoming home games before the three away games. Goalkeeper play will also play a big role. At HIFK, this season’s sensation is guarding the goal Roope Taponen. The Pelicans have a Czech in goal Patrik Bartosak.

– Taponen and Bartos must also play perfectly. Special situations must work really well. Five against five, Pelicans and HIFK can win if they reach their best. They should boldly play their own attacking game, and not follow Ilves and Tappara, Nättinen estimates.

Puheen’s Jääkiekkierros broadcasts all SM league playoff matches live.

The program of the semi-finals of the SM league

Tappara – HIFK
Fri 31.3. at 18:30 HIFK–Tappara
Sat 1.4. at 17:00 HIFK–Tappara
Wed 5.4. at 18.30 Tappara–HIFK
Fri 7.4. at 17.00 Tappara–HIFK
If necessary
Mon 10.4. at 17.00 Tappara–HIFK
Wed 12.4. at 18:30 HIFK–Tappara
Fri 14.4. at 18:30 Tappara–HIFK

Lynx – Pelicans
Fri 31.3. at 18:30 Pelicans–Ilves
Sat 1.4. at 17:00 Pelicans–Ilves
Thu 6.4. at 18:30 Ilves–Pelicans
Sat 8.4. at 17:00 Ilves–Pelicans
If necessary
Tue 11.4. at 18:30 Ilves–Pelicans
Thu 13.4. at 18:30 Pelicans–Ilves
Sat 15.4. at 17:00 Ilves–Pelicans

Updated at 9:02 a.m. Clarified that the Pelicans have not beaten Ilves in the Tampere arena.