“An all-time sales record can be broken in motorcycle sales”

An all time sales record can be broken in motorcycle sales

In connection with the incredibly high rise in automobile prices, the motorcycle Sales continue to break records.

Located in My Economy According to the news, motorcycle sales in Turkey gained momentum. Sales increased by more than 200 percent in the first quarter, It is expected to exceed 500 thousand units for the first time by the end of the year.. If this happens, all-time sales record will be broken. According to TUIK data, the number of motorcycles registered to traffic in March increased by 206.3 percent compared to March last year and reached 77 thousand 159. Electricity is the fastest growing area of ​​the sector. became the 50cc segment, Sales in this segment increased by 247% in March. Among the vehicles registered to traffic in March, motorcycles took the first place with a rate of 40.2 percent. Like this January-March Sales increased by 214 percent and reached 154.5 thousand units in the period. Stating that the market was quite active in April, MOTED President Basari Erbasstated that their year-end target as the sector is to reach a sales figure between 500-550 thousand units. Emphasizing that the fast-growing market also increased the appetite for investment in the sector, Basari Erbaş explained that some distributor companies have started to take initiatives for motorcycle production. Ranker, “There are no obstacles in front of us for this to happen. Moreover, there are very good investment incentive programs available. We are making great efforts so that companies that want to invest can benefit from these incentives very easily. As MOTED, we strive to ensure that every investor receives the most appropriate investment incentive.” said.


Sergeant also “We will start to reap the fruits of our work in the near future. Thanks to the Artes system, which has already been launched with the Notaries Union, we prevented unregistered motorcycle sales. At the same time, sales of motorcycles below Euro 5 were also prevented by the same system. We have implemented many projects with the relevant ministries, such as the passing of motorcycles through the Eurasia tunnel, the arrangements of killer barriers. In addition to our expectations, such as driving motorcycles with a B-class license up to 125cc, making courier a profession, scrap incentives, which we expect soon, as well as increasing the SCT scale from 8 percent up to 250cc to 500cc with the SCT regulation, ensuring a more homogeneous market. It is among our workshop outputs. These developments will pave the way for the sector and will enable Turkey to turn into motorcycle production in the near future.” he said. MOTED General Coordinator Remzi Öztürk He stated that they aim to prevent automobile sales in 2024-2025.