Amazon’s Gaming Division Amazon Prime Gaming Will Increase the Number of Free Games

1700059752 Amazons Gaming Division Amazon Prime Gaming Will Increase the Number

Restructuring continues at Amazon. The company, which laid off 27 thousand people in the last year, laid off another 180 people from the gaming department. The e-commerce giant, which has come to the fore with its strategic moves, is making innovations in its gaming department. Amazon’s gaming division Amazon Prime Gaming plans to increase the number of free games.

Amazon Prime Gaming Will Increase the Number of Free Games

One of the companies leading the e-commerce industry worldwide Amazonis making major strategic moves in the gaming industry and aims to increase the number of games it offers for free. In this context, Amazon has terminated the employment of 180 people in the gaming department. The company laid off 100 people from its gaming department in April 2023. Stating that it will distribute more free games to Amazon Prime Gaming members, the company aims to increase the value it offers to Prime Gaming members.

In addition, Amazon produces original shows and content. He will also close his Twitch channel Crown he declared. Although there are big brands such as Intel and Progressive among Crown sponsors, this decision of the company was surprising. There was a decrease in the number of views and interactions of the Crown channel, which was at the center of some discussions. In addition, it was rumored that some indicators of the channel, such as the number of subscribers and the number of interactions, were inflated.

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Aiming to make a name for itself and renew itself in the gaming industry, Amazon has launched Prime Gaming qualified and very popular gaming industry. various games for “free” He explained that they aim to present it in a way that The company, which made a name for itself by offering free game services during the pandemic; He stated that they care about customers’ opinions. Making a statement on the subject, Amazon Games vice president Christoph Hartman said that they are trying to fulfill this request in user feedback.

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Amazon Prime Gaming November Free Game (2nd Half)!

While Amazon Prime Gaming continues on its way with new moves, it did not forget its members. The company is offering free games for the second half of November. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake offered to its subscribers. Prime Gaming members can have this game for free. This news is especially pleasing for Star Wars enthusiasts and those who like to try new games. Anyone with an Amazon prime membership can benefit from this opportunity.

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Amazon laid off 27 thousand people in the last year

As we mentioned above; From Amazon gaming section It laid off the jobs of 180 people. Last April, 100 people were laid off. In addition, the total number of people laid off throughout the company in the last year was approximately 27 thousand. The reason for these layoffs can be explained as getting rid of economic uncertainties. Following the pandemic period, companies have entered an economic recovery process, and at this stage they can make decisions such as closing departments with low profit margins and making moves that will increase the profit rate.