Airports, table on sustainability and infrastructure. Troncone (Adr): work on decarbonisation continues

Airports table on sustainability and infrastructure Troncone Adr work on

(Finance) – The first round table of 2023 was held yesterday on interventions to make airport infrastructures even more sustainable as part of the Pact for the Decarbonization of Air Transport, an Italian best practice promoted by Aeroporti di Roma, with the patronage of Enac , Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security. At the center of the meeting was the identification of the essential components to ensure a substantial contribution from airports to the decarbonisation process of the aviation sector.

The meeting was coordinated by Prof. Marco Frey, President of the UN Global Compact Network Italy, and by Valentina Lener, General Manager of Airports 2030, and saw the participation, among others, of Galeazzo Bignami, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, and it was an opportunity for an in-depth discussion of the important opportunities that are opening up for the entire sector and for bringing together all the stakeholders, whose contribution is indispensable in a sector such as the aviation one, which aims at zero emissions.

During the meeting, with a view to a strategy including a variety of technological solutions, various tools and opportunities were analysed, such as broadening the eligibility of activities for the European taxonomy, energy communities, support for electrification fleet and infrastructure, the use of biofuels (HVO) and the development of infrastructure for the supply and storage of SAF, hydrogen and electricity.

“The work of comparison and search for solutions that the Steering Committee of the Pact is carrying out – he declared Marco stubChief Executive Officer of Aeroporti di Roma – is an international unicum that demonstrates the maturity of a sector which, thanks to the guidance of ENAC and the relevant ministries, in particular Mit and Mase present today, intends to ensure its solid contribution to Italian and European decision-makers, above all in consideration of the complexity of the public policies to be adopted”.

The Round Table was just one of the moments of the Pact for the Decarbonization of Air Transport, whose manifesto was presented on 24 January at the European Parliament and which Adr has put in place to give a radical change to the achievement of sustainability objectives in the sector of air transport in the context of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.