Aeffe simplifies corporate structure, terminated contract with Moschino’s CEO

Aeffe simplifies corporate structure terminated contract with Moschinos CEO

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Aeffea luxury group that operates both in the pret-a-porter sector and in the footwear and leather goods sector, announced that it was approved the project for the merger by incorporation with the 100% subsidiaries Moschino and Aeffe Retail. Both transactions, according to a note, are part of the corporate rationalization and reorganization process, which had already begun with the completion of the merger by incorporation, in 2022, of the subsidiary Velmar.

The Italian group also communicated that, following a discussion on the strategic vision of the Moschino brand, the general manager Stefano Secchi and the subsidiary Moschino have agreed to consensually terminate the employment relationship existing with effect from 31 March 2023.

“I care about thank Massimo Ferretti for the opportunity that I have had to lead this splendid brand in the last four years – commented Secchi – despite the pandemic and the adverse economic circumstances, we have managed to carry out important strategic projects for the brand”.

The BoD resolved to reach, through Moschino, an overall agreement with Secchi, which provides for: the payment, in favor of Secchi, of the gross amount of 317,000 euros by way of incentive to leave; use of the company car in his favor until 31 May 2023.