Future showcase Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL) kicks off

Future showcase Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League A2RL kicks off

The “Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League”, where driverless vehicles compete, has started. The first race was held directly at the Yas Marina track.

First race based on Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL) It was held on April 27 at the famous Yas Marina circuit. And broadcast live. Of course, the race you can watch in the video above was not as fun as real races, but A distant future demonstration was made. Of course, not everything went perfectly in the first race. Suddenly, there were cars stopping in the middle of the track, spinning and even hitting the wall for no reason. in the race to the branches built on a manufactured chassis and Six-speed Formula type vehicles with 2.0-liter Honda engines producing 550 horsepower were featured. and these vehicles named EVA24, United Arab Emirates, China, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Singapore, Switzerland And United States of America Managed by based teams. A2RL vehicles, where there is no seat for the driver, carry a lot of technological equipment, including cameras, processing units and sensors. The struggle in driverless racing vehicles is exactly hereBy using the equipment in the vehicle in the best possible way, the team achieved the victory by traveling stably at high speed. The team that took the victory in the first race of only eight laps was “TUM”, as you can see below.


A2RL is not a pioneer in this field. Because in recent years, we have encountered the world’s first driverless car racing series roborace was out. To briefly remember this expedition, it started at the Monteblanco track in Spain. The first season, called Season Alpha, featured two different teams. these teams Team Arrival with Technical University of Munich and at the center of the series robocar There were driverless vehicles named. These vehicles, which were used in races where each team took to the track with artificial intelligence and different algorithms developed according to their own race strategies, had computer systems that could process 24 trillion information per second.

It is fully electric and 402 horsepower The autonomous racing vehicles produced contained many sensors and cameras. Here, five LIDAR, two RADAR, 18 ultrasonic sensors, GNSS satellite positioning system, six cameras and two optical speed sensors are directly Nvidia Drive PX2 It was connected to the central processing unit. In fact, a funny accident occurred in Season Alpha and this situation made a lot of noise on the agenda. In the incident, which you can watch in the video below, a vehicle suddenly took off before the race even started. he hit himself against the wall. Since this tool is not remotely managed The only culprit of the accident is a system failure The worst part of this accident was that it occurred during the broadcast on Twitch for the first time for the series.