A rough day for the Swedish skiing couple – Frida Karlsson surprised the doping test and revealed her mistake behind Krista Pärmäkoski

A rough day for the Swedish skiing couple Frida

The races of Frida Karlsson and William Poromaa went downhill on Friday at the Tour de Ski in the Val di Fiemme sprint race.

A Swedish skiing couple Frida Karlsson and William Poromaan an epiphany at the Tour de Ski turned into a sad one.

Karlsson, who is leading the women’s tour, unexpectedly missed the start of the sprint race, which was skied in traditional skiing. Karlsson’s lead shrank dramatically before the last two races. Now he is 41 seconds behind Norway Tiril Udnes Wengia above. Krista Pärmäkoski is one minute and 10 seconds away.

Karlsson was fourth in the time comparison in the heat. However, in the other sets it was harder, so the Swede’s set phase ended quickly.

In the same heat with Karlsson, Pärmäkoski was the sovereign number one. Karlsson was in Pärmäkoski’s shoes for a long time.

– I made a small mistake in the last corner before landing. Then I left Krista’s back. I couldn’t get any suction before the finish line. That was it. It was a shame because I was feeling upbeat. Now you have to turn the page and reload, Karlsson stated to Aftonbladet (you will switch to another service).

According to Sweden’s TV6, Karlsson was also surprised to be subjected to a doping test after the competition.

– This is the sixth time you are testing, Karlsson said to the testers, according to the TV channel.

According to Karlsson, strict testing is a good thing, but he was surprised why he has to undergo a doping test after qualifying in the preliminary round.

– Maybe they’ll test because I’m leading the tour. That’s probably right. That’s their job, Karlsson stated.

William Poromaa, who is dating Karlsson, did not have a much better day. He broke his pole in qualifying. In the set phase, right at the beginning of the set, Poromaa was discusted. He changed course too drastically. French Jules Chappaz fell down.

– I looked behind. The situation seemed calm. This was a borderline case, but I think the situation was moderate. Apparently it wasn’t. I would never have done the pass if I hadn’t thought of it as moderate, Poromaa said to Aftonbladet (you will switch to another service).

– I felt that I stepped on his skis a bit. Then I looked back. I already understood that the situation was not good.

The Swedish national team management considered the discus a harsh sentence, but did not appeal the punishment. Due to the discus, Poromaa received a three-minute time penalty for the Tour de Ski’s overall standings. He dropped from 6th to 36th.

Chappaz was excited about Poromaa’s activities in Val di Fiemme.

– He broke my skis. There was nothing I could do, Chappaz stated according to NRK (you switch to another service).

– I don’t want to talk to him. I want him to be discus and placed last.

Women’s Sprint (p) Val di Fiemme

1. Lotta Udnes Weng NOR 3.06,04
2. Tiril Udnes Weng NOR +0.35
3. Mathilde Myhrvold NOR +0.67
4. Katharina Hennig GER +0.83
5. Krista Pärmäkoski FIN +1.29
6. Tereza Beranova CZE +2.55
7. Kerttu Niskanen FIN
8. Enter Dyvik SWE

Women’s situation 5/7

1. Frida Karlsson SWE 1.47,04
2. Tiril Udnes Weng NOR +0.41
3. Krista Pärmäkoski FIN +1.05
4. Lotta Udnes Weng +1.27
5. Kerttu Niskanen +1.32

Men’s sprint (p) Val di Fiemme

1. Johannes Höfslot Kläbo NOR 2.43,85
2. Calle Halfvarsson SWE +0.26
3. Simone Mocellini ITA +0.94
4. Lucas Chavanat FRA +1.23
5. Johan Häggström SWE +1.41
6. Antoine Cyr CAN +2.99

Men’s situation 5/7

1. Johannes H. Kläbo 1:32,39
2. Calle Halfvarsson SWE +0.58
3. Federico Pellegrino +1.08
4. Pål Golberg +1.09
5. Sindre B. Skar +1.19