A photo that emerged in the treacherous terrorist attack in Istanbul brought Israel and Iran face to face! Who is the woman next to the attacker?

A photo that emerged in the treacherous terrorist attack in

While the details of the treacherous terrorist attack in Taksim were followed closely by everyone in Turkey, the allegation of “Israeli women” in the Iranian press brought the two countries face to face. It was understood that the two women who were next to the female terrorist who carried out the attack in Taksim were Israelis. An article was written in the Iranian press stating that Israel may be behind the attack. Following this development, statements about women came from Israel.


Yedioth Ahronot, one of Israel’s most well-known newspapers, pointed out that the two women who passed by the female terrorist, who was detained in the operation today, before leaving the bomb under a bench, were Israelis. The newspaper emphasized that the Iranian news agency IRNA shared this image and wrote that it claimed that Israel was behind the attack.


Following the developments, the identities of the Israeli female tourists were determined. It was determined that tourists named Or Atedgi and Natali Swissa came to visit Turkey with a group of women and then returned to their hometowns.

Liran Atedgi, wife of Atedgi and brother of Swissa, also shared the details of the incident with Israeli newspapers. “Or and Natali were on vacation with at least 8 other Israeli women. They spent the last day of their vacation shopping,” Atedgi said.


Atedgi said, “My wife and sister are unaware of the situation. Terrorists passed by them without realizing it. When they stopped in a shop, the woman passed by them and carried out a bomb attack maybe 50 meters away.”


The Iranian news agency IRNA shared the photo of two Israeli women and served their news with the sentence “Two Israeli women are seen walking with the suspect in the attack.”