With her XXL bun, Kate Middleton creates a chic hairstyle that we will reproduce for the holidays

With her XXL bun Kate Middleton creates a chic hairstyle

Voluminous low bun, nude complexion and black eyeliner: Kate Middleton did not fail to take care of her beauty, despite the solemnity of this royal event. Photo.

The traditional Remembrance Sunday ceremony took place in London on November 12 to pay tribute to the millions of soldiers killed during the First World War. For the occasion, Kate Middleton opted for a sober beauty look.

Kate Middleton adopts the XXL bun

It was alongside Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles that Kate Middleton observed the ceremony from the balcony of Admiralty House, while King Charles III and his son Prince William laid wreaths on the memorial. . For this event, the two women each wore a large hat. While her mother-in-law flaunted her signature blonde bob under her accessory, Kate Middleton opted for a more elaborate hair look. So, the mother of three brought her long hair back into a low bun, placed on the left side of his neck. What’s special about her hairstyle? A XXL volume, forming an imposing ball, which perfectly balanced her look and her oversized hat. With this surprising bun, the Duchess of Cambridge gave herself a crazy elegant hairstyle.

Kate Middleton on November 12, 2023 in London. © Lock Stephen/I-Images/ABACA

Kate Middleton’s black eyeliner

To attend this serious ceremony, black was required. A nuance seen on Kate Middleton’s outfit, marked by a long coat signed Alexander McQueen, but also on her makeup. The British aged 41 sported black-rimmed eyes which, however, did not weigh down his gaze. A kohl pencil highlighted the underside of her eyes, also drawing a line of eyeliner on her eyelids. A light touch of nude lipstick and a veil of bronzer finished off this adequate makeup look.