who will be the 2022 finalists? Live

who will be the 2022 finalists Live

DANCING WITH THE STARS 2022. It’s already the semi-final of season 12 of Dancing with the Stars this Friday, November 4, 2022. The four remaining celebrities will have to perform a figure imposed by Matt Pokora, winner of the first season of DALS .

The essential

  • The Dancing with the Stars semi-final is being broadcast this Friday, October 21, 2022. This is the penultimate bonus of the season.
  • The remaining candidates are only four to be able to win season 12: Thomas Da Costa, Billy Crawford, Stéphane Legar, and Carla Lazzari. They had to perform two dances in front of five judges and not four, the guest judge being Denitsa Ikonomova. Matt Pokora is back exceptionally to help the candidates.
  • While a new star will join the bench of eliminated, here is the list of candidates who have previously left the competition: Léa Elui, Florent Peyre, Anggun, Amandine Petit, Eva Queen, Clémence Castel, Théo Fernandez and David Douillet. After this evening, the three finalists will be known.


22:22 – Stéphane Legar and Calisson Goasdoué qualified for the second dance

Stéphane Legar and Calisson Goasdoué dance a rumba, the dance of love, which goes well with the complicity of the couple. On “I promise you” by Johnny Hallyday, Marie-Agnès Gillot appreciated the performance but noticed some flaws: “I would have liked more grandeur, the lift twisted at the end”. Chris Marques is, as often, severe but fair: “The places in the final are complicated to get and tonight, I see that you have acquired a complicated choreography but you are a musician and as such, you must bring us the rhythm . But you were always ahead.” Stephane Legar gets 33 points, which means Thomas Da Costa and Elsa Bois go straight head-to-head.

22:10 – Billy Crawford scores 39 out of 40 with an extraordinary paso doble

Billy Crawford and Fauve dazzle the entire audience and jury with a powerful paso doble despite the fact that the singer injured himself earlier in the week and had to train with lumbago. Everyone is on their feet, rightly so. Billy Crawford really asserts himself above the other candidates. Chris Marques “What’s great is that we have an ultra modern paso side, a little rock, I love that” Marie-Agnès Gillot “I found that incredible!” François Alu “Not only was it excellent, but you got over your pain”. Billy Crawford gets an almost perfect score, 39 points out of 40 possible.

21:48 – Thomas Da Costa on a rather successful contemporary

Thomas Da Costa and Elsa Bois dance a contemporary, containing a figure imposed by Matt Pokora. Marie-Agnès Gillot “I found it amazing, what Elsa’s choreography, it was really successful” Chris Marques is finally satisfied with the young man: “What’s interesting is that you are finally connected with your body like a dancer. François Alu also notices “a clear improvement”. Thomas Da Costa therefore collects many compliments and 31 points. The actor leaves in a hot seat.

9:36 p.m. – Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy on a samba!

Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy perform a samba to “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé and Jay-Z. For François Alu: “You have charisma, you were present”, Chris Marques expresses some reservations: “I enjoyed myself, I think it was a good performance but it was a little out of rhythm, control your stress”. Carla Lazzari collects 35 points.

21:16 – The semi-final has begun!

And here it is, the penultimate bonus of this season 12 of DALS which has begun. The last four couples will have to perform two dances each, under the control of the jury and Matt Pokora, winner of season 1, exceptional guest of this semi-final!

21:02 – Semi-final dances

Tonight, the remaining four couples will each perform two dances. The summary for each couple: Billy Crawford and Fauve will dance a paso doble then a rumba, Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy, a samba and a quickstep, Stéphane Legar and Calisson Goasdoué, a rumba and a paso doble and finally, Thomas Da Costa and Elsa Bois, a contemporary and a cha-cha.

20:39 – A best of Florent Peyre’s witty traits

Florent Peyre was eliminated two bonuses ago but the little joker of the season is obviously so regretted by the production that he was entitled to his personal best of jokes. If ever you are sensitive to the finds of the humorist, these are 13 minutes of happiness which await you on MyTF1. At L’Internaute, we admit it, we watched until the end…

20:16 – The grumbling of some Internet users about Thomas Da Costa

For the past few weeks, a controversy has existed on social networks about Thomas da Costa. Internet users indeed point to the increasingly significant difference in level of the young man with his competitors. And while the actor has been saved 5 times by the public, some do not hesitate to accuse fans of Michou, last year’s candidate and companion of Elsa Bois, the pro dancer of Thomas da Costa, to vote en masse to avoid the elimination of the couple, without taking into account their unimpressive performances on the floor.

19:47 – Billy Crawford always shy with his dancer, Fauve

This is already the ninth bonus tonight on TF1. And despite the more than two months spent together between candidates and professional dancers, some are unable to reduce their natural shyness. This is the case of Billy Crawford, who has a hard time executing a tender gesture included in his rumba choreography with Fauve. To such an extent that even this one despairs of it!

19:32 – Which candidates can qualify for the final?

Difficult to know in advance which candidates are likely to be qualified at the end of the bonus of Dancing with the stars, and which can be eliminated. Note, however, that Thomas da Costa, who did not obtain the best marks compared to the other semi-finalists, seems to have the preference of the public, since he is regularly saved by viewers face to face. He could thus win and qualify for the final next week. Conversely, the jurors could save Carla Lazzari, who obtained the best score last week and automatically qualified for the semi-final. Remember, however, that Billy Crawford and Stéphane Legar are formidable opponents and could impress.

19:08 – What to expect for the Dancing with the Stars 2022 semi-finalists

The Dancing with the Stars semi-final holds new challenges for the candidates still in competition. This Friday, November 4, Thomas da Costa, Billy Crawford, Carla Lazzari and Stéphane Legar will have to reproduce a figure performed by Matt Pokora during his participation, eleven years ago. The latter is exceptionally present on the set of TF1 to coach them.

6:30 p.m. – Matt Pokora back in Dancing with the Stars

An exceptional guest returns to Dancing with the stars this Friday, November 4, 2022. Matt Pokora, winner of season 1 of the dance competition, is present to coach the candidates and bring them his experience. Indeed, the semi-finalists still in competition will have to perform figures that the singer himself performed during his participation in 2011.

17:57 – Who are the four qualified candidates for the Dancing with the Stars semi-final?

After the elimination of Léa Elui last week, there are only four left to compete in the semi-finals of Dancing with the stars this Friday, November 4, 2022. On the TF1 stage tonight, we will therefore find Billy Crawford, Stéphane Legar, Thomas da Costa and Carla Lazzari. Three of them will qualify for the final next week, while one of them will be eliminated tonight.

17:25 – Who was eliminated from DALS last week?

Each week, a Dancing with the Stars contestant unfortunately has to leave the competition. Léa Elui was asked to leave the competition last Friday. The influencer was already leaving with a disability since Christophe Licata, her dancer, was sick and could not be present. He was replaced at short notice by Jordan Mouillerac. But once is not custom, the public preferred to save Thomas da Costa during the face to face, while the jury chose to vote for Billy Crawford and Stéphane Legar. These three candidates join Carla Lazzari in the semi-finals.

5:00 p.m. – The Dancing with the Stars semi-final tonight

Hello and welcome to our live Dancing with the Stars. This Friday, November 4, 2022, viewers will be able to discover the semi-final of the dance competition. It will be broadcast on TF1 from 9:10 p.m. tonight. For the occasion, Matt Pokora, winner of the first season in 2011, will be exceptionally present to help the semi-finalists. Indeed, four imposed figures, made by the singer during his participation, will be requested from the last four candidates of DALS.

program sheet

As usual, TF1 formalized the casting for the next season of Dance with the Stars in the summer of 2022. There are twelve personalities, six men and six women including Florent Peyre, Amandine Petit, Clémence Castel and Anggun. . Check out the contestants and eliminators for the 2022 Dancing With the Stars season below:

The Dancing with the Stars jury is changing for its 2022 edition. François Alu and Chris Marques are returning, while Bilal Hassani, finalist for season 11, and Marie-Agnès Gillot, star dancer at the Paris Opera, join the quartet of jurors. When Chris Marques had to be absent due to Covid on September 16, 2022, he was exceptionally replaced by Jean-Marc Généreux.

Dance with the stars is broadcast every Friday evening on TF1. If you can’t see the show during its television broadcast, be aware that it is possible to find the episode of the week in replay on the MyTF1 website and application. All you need is a free account to watch Dancing with the Stars in replay the day after it is broadcast.

This year again, DALS is making the best of TF1 for the start of the school year and the end of the year. Indeed, it was on September 9, 2022 that the first bonus of Dancing with the stars 2022 was broadcast. The show has since been broadcast every Friday until the final which will crown the duo that will succeed Tayc and Fauve Hautot, winners last year.

At the end of season 11 of Dance with the stars, broadcast on TF1 in 2021, Tayc, who danced in a duet with Fauve Hautot, was crowned big winner. He faced in the final on November 26, 2021 Bilal Hassani-Jordan Mouillerac and Michou-Elsa Bois. The winner won with 56% of the public vote.