WhatsApp Channels were also activated in Turkey

WhatsApp Channels were also activated in Turkey

It was first announced a long time ago WhatsApp Channels The feature eventually became available in many markets, including Türkiye.

Sharing a post yesterday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said exactly the following about the new feature: “Today we’re starting to roll out WhatsApp Channels globally, adding thousands of new channels people can follow on WhatsApp. You can find channels in the new ‘Updates’ tab.” WhatsApp Channels The feature was activated in Turkey not long after this announcement. Company “channels” so far only Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Singapore And Ukraine It was presented in a centered way. So what exactly are WhatsApp Channels? The company itself says the following about the feature: “We’re excited to introduce Channels, a simple, reliable and private way to get important updates from people and organizations without leaving WhatsApp. We’re developing channels in a new tab called Updates. This tab contains the status and channels you choose to follow; It will be separate from conversations with your family, friends and communities. Channels are a publishing tool through which admins can send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls in a one-way direction. To help you choose the channels to follow, we’re creating a searchable directory of your hobbies, sports teams, updates from local officials and more. You can also access certain channels in chats or through invitation links sent via email or shared online.”


Today, the company is also rolling out Channels globally, along with the following updates: he said he would:

  • -Improved Index – Now you can find the channels you can follow, automatically filtered by your country. You can also see the newest, most active and most popular channels by number of followers.
  • -Emoticons – You can react using emoticons and see the total number of emoticons. The emoticons you leave will not be shown to your followers.
  • -Arrangement – Soon admins will have the opportunity to make changes to their Updates for 30 days. At the end of this period, we will automatically delete the Updates from our servers.
  • -Forwarding – When you forward an Update to a chat or group, your post will include a link to the channel so people can learn more.