What are the benefits of vanilla tea, what is it good for? How to make and brew vanilla tea?

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The homeland of vanilla, which is a member of the Salepgiller family and grown in different ways, is the south of America. Vanilla, which is grown here and is a tropical plant, is difficult to grow and bears fruit three years after planting. Vanilla, whose fruit is used in many ways, can be consumed as herbal tea, although it is usually used in desserts and has many benefits as such. What is vanilla tea good for, especially with a strong antidepressant?

What does vanilla tea do?

Vanilla, which is a tropical region plant, is a plant that is especially good for psychological disorders. Vanilla oil is used as a sedative and sedative. Herbal tea made from vanilla also has such properties. Although vanilla is generally used in cosmetics and food, it has started to be used in alternative medicine as a treatment support after its benefits have emerged. Vanilla tea benefits are as follows:

  • Calms and soothes.
  • It is good for mental disorders such as anxiety.
  • It balances stomach acid, has acid balancing feature.
  • It is a pain reliever, especially soothes menstrual pain.
  • It is good for digestive problems such as indigestion, bloating and heartburn.
  • It is a natural aphrodisiac.
  • It provides the energy that the body needs during the day.
  • Supports immune resistance.
  • It is good for muscle aches and spasms.
  • It strengthens the stomach muscles and prevents the problem of vomiting.
  • It is a cell regenerator, good for the skin.
  • It is a storehouse of vitamin C.
  • It can be used as a supplement in the treatment of iron deficiency.
  • It lowers blood pressure and balances high blood pressure.
  • It accelerates metabolism and helps in weight loss.

How to make vanilla tea?

It is quite easy to prepare vanilla tea at home. It is recommended to brew vanilla tea in a porcelain or glass teapot to make it more delicious. Vanilla tea can be optionally drunk hot or cold. You can sweeten vanilla tea with milk or fruit chips. There are two different vanilla tea recipes. One of them is the recipe made directly with vanilla plant. The other is made with vanilla extract. Ingredients for vanilla tea recipe made with vanilla plant:

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla herb
  • 250 ml drinking water
  • Milk or cream upon request

How to brew vanilla tea?

To prepare vanilla tea, first boil 250 ml of water, preferably in a porcelain or glass teapot. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla plant to the boiling water. It is recommended to infuse for 30 minutes for vanilla tea to release its infusion and make it more delicious. However, people who do not want to drink strong tea can limit the waiting time to 10 minutes. Vanilla tea takes a red color after brewing. For this reason, vanilla tea is also called “red tea”. Those who prefer to consume brewed vanilla tea can add milk to the brewed tea. You can also add fruit chips to sweeten the vanilla tea.

Ingredients for vanilla tea recipe with vanilla extract:

  • 1 teaspoon of black tea
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (non-alcoholic)
  • 3-4 glasses of water according to the amount of consumption
  • Optional cream or milk

Boil 3-4 glasses of water, add a teaspoon of black tea to the boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes. Transfer the brewed tea to a separate teapot by straining it. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the brewed tea and heat it over low heat for about 5 minutes to get its aroma. In another pot, heat the milk or cream until it boils. After the tea is brewed, add vanilla extract tea to more than half of a glass, you can add boiled milk to it and consume.

Does vanilla tea weaken?

People who are overweight use many ways to lose weight and control their weight. The healthiest of these ways are usually products of natural origin, such as herbal teas. However, no herbal tea has a direct weakening power, but they can be used as a dietary supplement for weight loss. Vanilla tea can also be used as a support in the weight loss journey, as it is good for indigestion, bloating and gives the body the necessary energy. Vanilla tea, which regulates metabolism and facilitates digestion, is effective in slimming. No herbal product should be added to the diet list without consulting a specialist, and a doctor’s recommendation must be taken for regular use.

Does vanilla tea cause menstrual cramps?

The menstrual cycle may sometimes experience irregularities. Menstrual cycle may be delayed due to various factors such as nerves, stress, season change or change of location, as well as disruptions in the hormonal system of the body or various disorders. If the menstrual cycle is delayed due to external factors, especially due to mental conditions such as nervousness and stress, vanilla tea can be consumed as a menstrual reliever. In addition to the menstrual expectorant feature of vanilla tea, it is good for muscle pain and stress experienced during menstruation, thanks to its effects such as being good for muscle aches and muscle spasms and relieving it spiritually. If there is a long-term menstrual irregularity, it is absolutely necessary to get an opinion from a specialist doctor. No herbal tea or nature-derived product should be used directly for therapeutic purposes, and should be consumed with the advice of a doctor.