Vanity Fair Stories, Giovanniello (Bancomat): “Payments are an important part of the change”

Vanity Fair Stories Giovanniello Bancomat Payments are an important part

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – ATM joins Vanity Fair in reiterating support for the concept of change, which echoes that of innovation and is a crucial element in the company’s strategy. This is what was explained in an interview with Finance by Barbara GiovannielloBrand Communication Manager of Bancomat, on the sidelines of the event Vanity Fair Stories – The Change is You of which Bancomat is Event Supporter.

The 2022 edition of Vanity Fair, a catwalk of personalities from the entertainment world and beyond, was held at the Giorgio Gaber Lyric Theater which has just been returned to its former glory. On stage 100 big names in Italian culture, or more than double compared to previous editions, in about fifty talks, tell their stories, perform, sing, recite and discuss the necessary and powerful theme of change.

“ATM is from three days of Payment room on the We are Open theme, in which she was the protagonist with her services, her products and spoke of digitization”, recalls Barbara Giovanniello of Bancomat.

“What better occasion then to join Vanity Fair et al Vanity Fair Storiesthat for two days, with this free event, is linked to the theme of changein fact the theme is its own The Change is you“, underlines the ATM manager.

The company “has decided to be an event supporter of Vanity Fair Stories – he explains – precisely because i paymentswith their digitization, are a cornerstone of change“.