Urso: we need a return of the state to the economy

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(Finance) – The Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Ursoargued for a return of the State in economics. “If the States United, which are the homeland of the free market, bring the state back into the field in such an assertive way, and they also do it because of the criteria on which they base their national security, there must be a reason. Today in the global economy, market forces alone cannot withstand the challenge of the Asian giant, they succumb. Even in Italy and in Europe the state must return”, he declared during the national conference of the chambers of commerce in Florence.

“The Americans – added Urso – have predominantly brought the State back into the field, first allowing with investments significant to achieve theenergy autonomyand then, more recently, with one industrial policy assertive. In the last year, the Biden administration has implemented three measures that amount to these 2 trillion dollars”. “We ask Europe to do the same”, concluded Urso.

On the sidelines of the event, the minister also spoke of the delays on the PNRR. “Italy is making up for the delays that had accumulated in the past months and that have put our PNRR objectives at risk. We are convinced that we will be able to make up for these delays“, he said. “We need the collaboration of everyone, of the institutions, first of all the local ones and then certainly of the EU, to which we have asked for greater flexibility to make the best use of resources on what are the real priorities after the war Russia in Ukraine which made us understand our vulnerabilities on energy production and supply”, added Urso.