Uppsala: The police report a shooting

Uppsala: The police report a shooting

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Published: 1 hour ago

“The police are investigating explosions in Gottsunda, Uppsala.”, the police write on their website.

The police in Uppsala County report this:

A number of callers have heard loud bangs in the Gottsunda area of ​​Uppsala. Several patrols are working on the case. It is unclear where exactly the explosions are coming from and at the moment no findings have been made to explain the explosions.

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Info about Shooting crime

Uppsala is in the top 7 in Sweden this year in terms of shootings.

The city with the most shootings so far this year is Stockholm, followed by Malmö and Örebro. Brief facts about Uppsala

Uppsala is a town in Uppsala County, with 166,698 inhabitants. Uppsala University, founded in 1477, is the oldest seat of higher education in the Nordics.


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