Ukraine, Biden: “NATO supports Ukraine: over 120 tanks in Kiev”

Ukraine Biden NATO supports Ukraine over 120 tanks in Kiev

(Finance) – Ukraine will receive the much desired western tanks to turn the conflict in favor of Kiev. “I had a long conversation with Scholz, Macron, Sunak and Meloni. We are totally united in our support for Ukraine, despite Russia expecting us to separate.” That’s what the said US President Joe Biden on the day NATO confirmed its support for Kiev.

“There is no threat to Russia in any of this,” he said Biden –. Let’s help Ukraine defend itself. Ours is not an offensive against Russia. Russian troops must return to where they belong, Russia. This war could end today, that’s what we all want: an end to the war.”

“Thanks to US President Joe Biden for another powerful decision to supply the Abrams to Ukraine. I am grateful to the US people,” he tweeted. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky – for leadership support! It is an important step on the way to victory. Today the free world is united as never before for a common goal: the liberation of Ukraine. We are moving forward.”

“I warmly welcome the leadership of US President Joe Biden and the United States in supplying Abrams tanks to Ukraine. NATO allies are united in our support for Ukraine’s self-defense,” he tweeted. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg –. Together with the UK’s Challengers and Germany’s Leopard 2s, they can make a significant difference in the war against Russia.”

Italy is also on the list of allied countries that Biden thanked for sending weapons to Ukraine. “Italy is sending artillery to Kiev” underlined the american president thanking, in addition to our country, the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Canada, Slovakia, Denmark, Poland and Sweden for “the intensification of the commitment”. From Palazzo Chigi they let it be known that the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, “today had a telephone conversation with US President Biden, French President Macron, German Chancellor Scholz and British Prime Minister Sunak in the framework of close Euro-Atlantic coordination on support for Ukraine. Noting the situation on the ground nearly a year after the Russian invasion, leaders reaffirmed the importance of continued strong allied unity as they continue to provide comprehensive assistance to Kyiv.”

According to what has been learned, the European allies are ready to transfer 80 Leopard 2 tanks, to form two battalions of 40 panzers.
The Leopards are added to about thirty US Abrams tanks and the Challengers promised by the British government, for a total of 120 tanks arriving in Kiev.