Renault is in talks with Chinese Li Auto and Xiaomi for technology cooperation

Renault is in talks with Chinese Li Auto and Xiaomi

Reported by Reuters According to the news, automobile giant Renault is meeting with Chinese Li Auto and Xiaomi to focus on technology cooperation.

Renaultmost likely in order to make its vehicles more interesting especially for the Chinese market. Li Auto and the technology giant that has just entered the automobile market Xiaomi is in talks to establish a partnership with. It is thought that the focus will be specifically on vehicle software here.It should be remembered that Renault is currently collaborating with Chinese Geely on hybrid powertrains and with technology companies Google and Qualcomm on smart cockpits. Before this Renault And Volvo Group Flexis brand, which came together and focuses directly on electric commercial vehicles was born. The electric van market in Europe is expected to grow significantly by 2030, and those who want to take advantage of the great opportunity that will arise here Renault with Volvo Group, took an important step and created the Flexis brand by joining forces with the French transportation company CMA CGM Group. As reported, this new company will produce electric commercial vehicles at Renault’s Sandouville factory in France.


Renault CEO Luca de Meo said, “Tesla of commercial vehicles“Flexis will focus directly on modular vehicles and will offer very ambitious solutions in terms of price-performance in the future,” he said. Meanwhile Renault with Volkswagen It also comes together on the electric side. Renault Shortly before Volkswagen He officially confirmed that he was in talks to produce a small-sized electric car for the European market. If these negotiations conclude as expected, we will encounter a budget-friendly electric vehicle, which will be an important alternative, or in other words, a competitor, to incredibly affordable Chinese vehicles.

speaking about this Renault CEO Luca de Meo, “My door is open to anyone who wants to participate. I have production capacity. I have a platform. “I know how to do this.” He also made a statement, that is, he pointed out that other names may be involved in the process. It has the chance to make a big impact in the European market with a fully electric product at or below 15 thousand euros. Renault And VolkswagenAs far as we know, it also establishes major partnerships in the Chinese market (because every European automobile manufacturer wants to get a share in the huge Chinese market) and even helps Chinese companies.