Twitter prepares to introduce new video features

Twitter prepares to introduce new video features

Owned by Elon Musk Twitter, It is working on new activities to strengthen the video side of the platform.

designer working at twitter Andrea Conway New video features coming soon to mobile versions of the platform, as demonstrated by will be. Among the features that will come from the menu design you see above There is also the possibility to download videos. In addition to this, in the prepared menu, subtitles on/off, playback speed (This opportunity is now in a different place), video sharing and video reporting options are also available. This new infrastructure, which is not known when it will open to everyone, looks generally useful and does not stand far from the design ready. Giving serious importance to the video side of the platform recently, Elon Musk of persons now has a new CEOp does his best to make him spend more time in the app. Musk wants it because it can make more money from Twitter.


In the meantime, an important video step was taken a short time ago. Paid Twitter Blue until now, its subscribers were able to upload videos to the platform of approximately 60 minutes (1080p), with a file size of up to 2 GB. This is web only, and the infrastructure, which is now supported in the iOS version, was updated last week. Blue subscribers will now be able to upload videos of approximately 2 hours (1080p) to the platform, with a maximum size of 8 GB. The platform, which does not want to go up to 4K in terms of video quality because it considers server costs, attaches more importance to videos after Musk and gradually becomes a strong alternative to YouTube. wants.