Trelleborg ready for the women’s league for the first time

See Jitex’s decisive goal that sends Trelleborg to the women’s league.

Trelleborg had to celebrate the promotion in a blazer at Vångavallen, after third in the table Alingsås lost a 2–1 lead to a 3–2 defeat.

– It feels absolutely fantastic. We are so incredibly proud and happy, we deserve this so terribly much, says Edina Filekovic and talks about the team’s celebration:

– We have sung, jumped and hugged. We are so proud.

How will you continue to celebrate this?

– Very unclear actually. We watched the match together at Vångavallen. We’ll see how it goes later, it remains to be seen.

The salute to the hat-trick scorer

Ema Paljevic became a big hero for Jitex, and above all for TFF, with her hat-trick at home against Alingsås.

– She can stop by if she wants to, says Filekovic and laughs.

With two games left to play, it is clear that Trelleborg will finish in second place in the elite table, behind the series winner AIK.

Trelleborg started its women’s team in 2016 and then began the journey in division 4.

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