Train traveler stuck in customs with three kilos of opium – had been in Hamburg

A man in his 40s came traveling on the night train from Hamburg, with final destination Malmö. Once at customs, the customs officers noticed that one of the travelers looked unusually nervous and stressed when they met the man, reports Sweden’s Radio P4.

It turned out that he was carrying more than just clothes in his luggage.

Denies smuggling – admits drug crime

When the customs officials searched the man’s bags, which were in the sleeping compartment, they found more than three kilos of opium. When his residence was later searched, even more opium and other drugs were found.

Now the train traveler is charged with, among other things, serious drug smuggling, but also serious drug crime.

According to Sveriges Radio’s information, the man denies the smuggling itself, but at the same time has admitted to drug crimes.