Unipolsai takeover bid, provisional results: Unipol with 94.9% of the capital

UnipolSai takeover bid acceptances as of 11042024 Financeit

(Finance) – Regarding the public takeover offer (OPA) voluntary promoted on all the ordinary shares of UnipolSai Insurance, Unipol Group has communicated that the reopening of the terms of the membership period will not take place and they are the legal conditions for exercising the purchase obligation have been verified.

Based on provisional results reported by Equityas an intermediary responsible for coordinating the collection of memberships, at the end of the membership period are brought into membership a total of 274,957,646 shares, representing approximately 9.717% of the capital and equal to 65.656% of the shares subject to the offer.

Therefore, taking into account the tendered shares, the 179,631 own shares (equal to 0.006% of the capital), and the 2,410,749,524 shares already owned by the bidder (equal to 85.194% of the share capital), the bidder will be to hold 2,685,886,801 shares, equal to 94.917% of the capital.

The May 3 the offeror will pay to each member a cash consideration equal to 2.7 euros cum dividend for each share tendered, against the simultaneous transfer of ownership rights on such shares in favor of the offeror.