Tonight on Amazon Prime: Ultra-brutal sci-fi horror from the makers of Game of Thrones, in which alien mutants overrun a military base

Tonight on Amazon Prime Ultra brutal sci fi horror from the makers

Alien mutants bred by the Soviets make life difficult for a group of soldiers in The Lair. Neil Marshall’s new film caused a stir at various festivals last year its tough action, bloody violence and irony-free genre entertainment.

That’s what the mix of science fiction and horror film is about

In 2017, Captain Kate Sinclair (Charlotte Kirk) is shot down while on a mission in Afghanistan. She flees from enemy troops into a spacious Soviet-era bunker. Only there, in addition to dusty documents, she also finds huge tanks with the organic remains of experiments. When Kate escapes, she has no idea that the alert alien mutants have picked up her trail. When she believes she is safe at a remote base, the killing machines overrun the area.


The Lair

With The Lair, Neil Marshall has, in a sense, created a best-of of his greatest hits. The military monster setting is reminiscent of his breakthrough Dog Soldiers, the partly subterranean horror opens up parallels to his horror masterpiece The Descent – abyss of horror and how to capture sieges in an exciting way, He perfected it in the Game of Thrones episodes Schwarzwasser from season 2 and The Watchers on the Wall from season 4.

Why The Lair is worth it on Amazon Prime Video

Marshall does not achieve the originality and freshness of his earlier works in The Lair. To do this, he has created an entertaining and enjoyable horror film whose disgusting creature design eats straight into the heart. The no-nonsense atmosphere and the basic feeling that anyone can die increase the tension, as does the effectively staged monster dominance, which actually scares you a few times. Horror fans will get their money’s worth Those with a faint heart should think twice about switching it on. (You can find a more detailed impression of The Lair in this text about the sci-fi horror film.)

The Lair recently began streaming with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Alternatively, you can buy and rent the film from various providers.

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