This royal family takes the bus and goes to public school — and yet their fortune is astronomical

This royal family takes the bus and goes to public

Contrary to popular belief, not all royal families lead a luxurious lifestyle and spend lavishly. In Europe, one of them chose to live very simply.

For many of us, when we hear of a “royal family”, it immediately conjures up images of royalty who rule over their subjects, with disproportionate wealth and respecting certain strict protocols and traditions. The first example that comes to mind for many people is of course the British royal family. But it is clear that mentalities are changing, certain dynasties sometimes leave the protocol path and choose to adopt a much simpler way of life, a bit like Mr. and Mrs. Everyman. One of them made this choice which may seem crazy to some, and she is in Europe.

A family that has ruled a country since 1991

If you are told King Harald V, do you know which dynasty it is? Answer: the Norwegian royal family. At 86 years old, Harval V is the current king of this Scandinavian country, and has been since January 17, 1991, the day of his father’s death. For history buffs, he is the son of former monarch Olav V of Norway and Princess Märtha of Sweden. And for many years, Harald V, his wife, Queen Sonja Haraldsen, their two children and their five grandchildren, have led a life very different from other royal families in the world. In the foreign press, they are said to live humbly, compared to other dynasties, while the fortune of King Harald V is estimated at nearly 27 million euros.

Transport, school, sport… An almost classic daily life for a royal family

The Norwegian royal family is certainly far from poor, but they nevertheless seem to favor a more modest lifestyle. For some, they would even have reinvented our idea of ​​royalty. For example, family members would take public transportation in Norway and fly like everyone else. They would also celebrate birthdays and other special occasions privately, without throwing an extravagant party.

Hobbies have a special place in this family. King Harald V and his son Crown Prince Haakon of Norway notably share a common passion for water sports. The sovereign also participated in the 1964, 1968 and 1972 Olympic Games as part of the Norwegian sailing team. As for the prince, he regularly indulges in surfing.

Furthermore, the Norwegian monarchy is keen to support the public school system. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, daughter of Prince Haakon, was educated in a public school for several years before joining the international school in Oslo. Just like his father and his aunt, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, who did all their schooling at the Smestad public school in Oslo. Alongside these unusual habits for a royal family, the different members still respect certain customs and duties today. However, if you are planning a trip to Norway soon, expect to perhaps bump into a prince, princess or king on the metro or bus!