This moving French series, inspired by a true story, is a must-see this week

This moving French series inspired by a true story is

Five-star casting, touching story between comedy and drama… This French series available this week in streaming will make everyone agree.

French productions are on the rise in the streaming landscape. If Lupine has already caused a sensation across the world on Netflix, a new French series should make waves this week on Disney+. In any case, all the ingredients come together to make it a successful program.

Everything is fine is released on Mickey’s streaming platform from this Wednesday, November 15, 2023. The series mixes comedy and drama to tell, without pathos but with humor and emotion, the way in which the Vasseur family faces the illness of a child, while waiting for a bone marrow transplant.

In this touching fiction, the grandmother’s unfailing optimism responds to the mother’s denial or the aunt’s anger. The series subtly explores the different reactions of this family in the midst of a crisis. With eight episodes, each lasting 52 minutes, this program can easily be watched in a weekend.

In the casting, well-known faces from French cinema take the lead. Starting with the Caesarized actress Virginie Efira, who plays the aunt of the young patient. She plays opposite Sara Giraudeau, seen in The legends office and also Caesarized, but also Nicole Garcia, Bernard Le Coq and Alyocha Schneider.

Behind the camera, there are also well-known names. Xavier Legrand, Caesarized for his moving and brutal To the hilt, directed one of the episodes of the series. This is also the case for Eric Rochant, working on the acclaimed series The legends office. The creator and screenwriter, Camille de Castelnau, also worked on the Canal+ spy series. Directors Audrey Estrougo (Supremes) and Cathy Verney (Vernon Subutex) also worked on the episodes.

Everything is fine is inspired by the true story experienced by the creator of the series who recounted at a press conference that she experienced a similar gap when her niece fell ill, between the weight of the tragedy and the daily life that continues. However, it is not the story of her family that she tells, but rather a fiction.

The result is a dramatic comedy which has already won critical acclaim. If you liked Red bracelets Or Family weekend, Everything is fine will definitely become your new favorite French series.