This is how the relationship between Farmer seeks wife-Elin and Christian is today: “A letter…”

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

Farmer seeks wife 2022 is over, and as always the adventure ended in both major and minor.

The viewer’s favorite Jon-Krista Jonsson looked up over the ears looking in love Ida Ă–bro at the last election. But when Linda Lindroff came to visit a few months later, it turned out that the love between them had ended.

In the “Efter sista valet” episode, they tell that a broken foot and a death in the family caused Jon-Krista to distance herself from Ida, which ultimately led to the relationship ending up in the sand.

Photo: TV4

But this is hard for the followers to let go of. Here you can read more about the followers’ anger towards Jon-Krista – after Farmer seeks a wife.

Is Bonde looking for wife-couple Elin and Christian together today?

On Elin Sandbloms farm looked more promising when Lindorff came to visit. She and love Christian Sandberg were more in love than ever and planned for a future together.

What has happened between the couple since then? Is love still alive, or have they gone their separate ways?

A picture on Elin’s Instagram speaks for itself.

“Snap snap snap, that’s the end of this “little” adventure. But also the beginning of the rest of life. A letter, a speedate, an invitation to the farm. Six months later, partners, more in love than ever and a thousand ideas for the future,” writes Elin in the emotional post, dedicated to Christian.

She then thanks everyone who followed them on the show.