This big city significantly lowers its property tax for all its residents

This big city significantly lowers its property tax for all

Some owners will be able to benefit from a considerable rebate on this local tax.

It won’t arrive in mailboxes right away, but it is a future expense that you must already integrate into your budget. At the end of the summer, a little less than 20 million French people will have to pay property tax, this tax that only owners are forced to pay each year. Fees which will increase by at least 3.9%, even if the exact increase has not yet been definitively decided.

In certain cases, however, the property tax could fall, more or less drastically. As the increase is decided by the State, municipalities can choose to reduce the share due to them to prevent the bill from soaring for households. Others decide to lower it, but not without compensation.

This is what the city of Mulhouse recently did. Some of its 20,000 owners (approximately) will be able to benefit from a 36% rebate on the property bill, provided they have carried out major energy renovation work in their home.

The discount will only be applied if the following criteria are met: carry out thermal insulation work, and/or heating, and/or ventilation, and/or linked to the production of domestic hot water, only in housing completed before 1er January 1989.

But be careful, these must be significant: at least 10,000 euros must have been committed if they were carried out in 2024, or at least 15,000 euros if they were carried out in stages, between 2022 and 2024. Owners meeting these conditions can request the rebate on their property tax before 1er January 2025 at the Mulhouse tax center.


Technically, the property tax falls to two entities: the city and the intermunicipality. In this case, it is the municipality of Mulhouse which decided to halve the share it would receive. Overall, for an owner, this translates into a reduction of a third in the amount of property tax. Here is an example :

  • Calculation basis: €2000
  • Municipal share (43.01%): €860.20 (- 50% if works = €430.10)
  • Intermunicipal share (3.58%): €71.60
  • TAOM (12.45%): €249
  • GEMAPI tax (0.0825%): €1.65
  • Total land without work: €1182.45
  • Total land after works: €752.35, i.e. 36.37% reduction

This announcement is part of the city’s desire to rehabilitate its unworthy housing and follows an idea popularized by residents to put in place measures that encourage the renovation of old housing. However, the measure was taken a year after a 2% increase in the fee paid to the city by owners, in addition to the national increase.