Therefore, you should NOT answer your crush directly: “Seem busier”

Nowadays, many couples meet through dating apps like Tinder, Hinge and Happn. The first contact usually consists of messages and texts. But how should you really think when dating online? Is there an unwritten rule about how quickly to respond or not?

News24 have talked to Krystyna Trushyna, who is an international dating coach and runs “Krystyna’s online dating academy” and the dating blog “Doves of Love”, where she shares thoughts and tips on online dating.

For Nyheter24, Krystyna Trushyna tells why you shouldn’t reply immediately after your crush has written.

– There is no specific rule about whether or not to wait between each message. In my opinion, it all depends on the situation, the person you are writing with, and how often you actually want and can write to them.

Then your crush will stop responding to you

If you get messages every day from the person and enjoy being in touch, then Krystyna Trushyna thinks you can reply to them every day too. But she also says that studies show that you are perceived as less attractive if you respond directly to your crush’s messages.

– You are simply taken for granted. This can result in you lowering your own value. This also means that your crush will no longer feel the need to reply to your messages.

“Wait a few hours between each message”

Based on these studies, it may therefore be wise to wait a few hours between each message, says Krystyna Trushyna. She points out, however, that this tactic is not a guarantee of a successful relationship.

– I personally wouldn’t respond to a message right away, but wait a while just to seem more busy with my life and less available than my crush.