There is a ProRes video recording limit for the 128GB iPhone 15 Pro

There is a ProRes video recording limit for the 128GB

As it turns out 128GB with storage space iPhone 15 Pro A ProRes video recording limit for is located.

It has 128 GB storage iPhone 15 Pro, Built in according to Apple’s official comparison page Cannot record video above 1080p 30 fps ProRes. with 15 Pro 4K 60fps ProRes Those who want to shoot videos should either choose an internal storage option of at least 256 GB or have a 15 Pro with 128 GB internal storage. Needs to connect an SSD via USB-C. This applied limit is not included in the 15 Pro Max because the phone is different from the 14 Pro Max. at least 256 GB internal storage It comes with space. iPhone 15 If you missed his family is in Turkey September 22 on pre order can be purchased on the basis of (Store sale September 29). To all the details Here from the family we include iPhone 15 model in Turkey 49.999 TL15 Plus 56.999 TL’It starts from . Starting price for 15 Pro 64.999 TLthe starting price for 15 Pro Max is 76.999 TL It is located at the level. For the 15 Pro series, Apple briefly states the following:


“Strong yet lightweight with an aerospace-grade titanium design, the iPhone 15 Pro series includes Apple’s lightest Pro models to date. Featuring contoured edges, the new design allows users to personalize their iPhone experience thanks to the customizable Action button. Powerful advances in the camera enable exceptional image quality with the equivalent of seven professional lenses. The now more advanced 48MP Main camera system features a new default 24MP super-high resolution option, next-gen portrait shooting with Focus and Depth Control, improvements to Night mode and Smart HDR features, and an all-new 5x Telephoto camera only available on the iPhone 15 Pro Max stands out among these features. A17 Pro enables next-generation gaming experiences and professional-level performance. The new USB-C connector is supercharged with USB 3, which is up to 20 times faster than USB 2. Moreover, with new video formats, it provides the opportunity to work in powerful professional workflows that were not possible before. “The iPhone 15 Pro series enables users who have problems with their vehicle in a location outside the telephone network to call for help with satellite Roadside Assistance Support, which takes advantage of Apple’s innovative satellite infrastructure.”