The teaser for Terrifier 3 is here and you won’t be able to look away for 2 minutes

The teaser for Terrifier 3 is here and you wont

Who do you definitely not want to meet at Christmas? A clown. At least that applies to Terrifier 3. As the first teaser for the horror sequel shows, the ultra-brutal serial killer Art (David Howard Thornton) puts very special presents under the Christmas tree for his return.

Check out the first teaser for Terrifier 3 here:

Terrifier 3 – Teaser Trailer (English) HD

Terrifier 3 features the worst horror Santa Claus ever

Terrifier 3 once again revolves around the bloodthirsty deeds of the pantomime clown Art, this time quite obviously as Santa Claus gets close to his innocent victims.

The first teaser Art’s sadistic grimace only shows after a good two minutes of running time. The trailer smugly captures the safe atmosphere of a Christmas home, only the slightly threatening soundtrack hints at the bloodbath that will follow.

When is Terrifier 3 coming to cinemas?

Terrifier 3 is due on October 31, 2024 come to the cinema. Franchise lovers will be hoping for a spectacular level of violence in the third installment. Terrifier 2 made horror fans vomit into their popcorn.

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