The Swedish Tiktok star is sentenced – smuggled puppies in the jacket

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The Tiktok star shared on social media how she rescued and cared for street dogs. And dog-hungry Swedes were encouraged to adopt puppies. Now the woman and her boyfriend are sentenced to prison for serious smuggling. The woman, who is in her 20s, has over 50,000 followers on Tiktok. There she shares her everyday life, which largely consists of rescuing and caring for street dogs from Greece. She is also linked to an account described as a Greek aid organization where several dogs are out for adoption. In some posts, followers are also invited to swipe to support the work with street dogs. At the time of the verdict, the organization had over 16,000 followers on Instagram. But it would turn out that the adoption business did not go quite right. Missing the right document It was last winter that the police stopped a car in Malmö, where the woman and her boyfriend were together with three puppies. But on closer inspection, two more puppies were found hidden under a jacket. All dogs lacked the correct health certificate, three of the dogs also lacked passports and valid documents for rabies vaccination. The woman and her boyfriend themselves claim that it was their private dogs that they brought home to Sweden to celebrate Christmas. But a chat was found in the woman’s mobile phone where, according to the verdict, it appears that a buyer was waiting to take home one of the puppies. From the aid organization’s account it is written, among other things: “We are stuck in customs, there is an error in the passport of one of the puppies and everything is chaos” “They make the worst scene”, The puppies were euthanized All the puppies were euthanized by decision of the Swedish Agricultural Agency, among other reasons of the risk that the dogs were believed to be able to spread infectious diseases. In the comment fields on the woman’s private Tiktok account and on the aid organization’s accounts, tributes are mixed with calls not to adopt dogs. The aid organization’s last post was published three months ago. Malmö district court sentences the woman and her boyfriend to sex months in prison for gross smuggling. According to the district court, the crime is considered serious, among other things, because it involves so many dogs. The assessment is also that the dogs were taken to Sweden to be resold. Both the woman and the man deny the crime.