the story of Hilona Gos, what the respondent answers

the story of Hilona Gos what the respondent answers

Julien Bert, emblematic figure of reality TV, was accused by Hilona Gos, his former girlfriend, of having been violent towards him. The young man denies.

It’s through his channel Youtube that Hilona Gos, influencer and reality TV candidate, decided to speak. Through two videos, Hilona revealed the details of her relationship with Julien Bert, also in the middle. “I think it’s a desperation video,” Hilona said. “It may also be a kind of SOS,” she added. In these two videos, the candidate explained that she suffered from her relationship with Julien Bert, who, according to her, strangled her but also insulted her on numerous occasions.

For the time being, the accused, whose Instagram account has been massively reported, has reacted via Snapchat defending himself from any violence or influence because “when you get out of a difficult situation you don’t move heaven and earth to get back there, c is the best proof in the world” and that it is a fabrication. “These are very serious charges,” the candidate also said.

In the first video entitled “My truth with Julien”, the 27-year-old reality TV candidate returned to the years 2019 to 2022, a period of relationship with her former companion. At the start of the video, Hilona recounts an evening in December 2019 that turned into a nightmare. After Julien has drunk several bottles of wine, an argument arises before leaving on vacation, Hilona says that her former companion “snatched the phone from her”. “He has the look that has changed. He had black eyes. He raised his hand, he strangled me, he lifted me to this from the ground. I couldn’t breathe”, Hilona said, moved .

In this video, the former candidate also describes particularly violent insults, which she says occurred while she was pregnant. She describes a scene that took place during a car trip to Saint-Tropez: according to her, Julien, having almost caused an accident involving a car coming from the front, would have insulted Hilona who had pointed out the dangers to him: “Shut up your ***, you fat bitch,” the candidate reportedly said. “I made believe that I was tired and that I had to go back to the hotel but he took me by the collar / the neck and I had to say that I was coming”, still said Hilona, ​​saying she didn’t want to escalate arguments for fear of losing the baby. Following these altercations, Hilona made the decision to abort not wanting “to raise a child with someone so unstable”. A decision from which Hilona “never recovered”.

A huge debt

In a second video released the day after the first, Hilona recounts on February 27 that Julien Bert would have drawn on the funds of their joint company, Juliette Nonna. The reality TV candidate was then at home with an electronic bracelet following a conviction for drug trafficking, facts he has always denied. According to her, he would have spent astronomical sums on food deliveries and entertainment such as renting movies. He would have used nearly 100,000 euros in their company’s finances and even “emptied the accounts”, added Hilona.

The young woman also rented in her name the house in which Julien resides. The problem is that the candidate would not pay his rents for several months. From now on, a procedure has been launched with the support of bailiffs against Hilona for non-payment of monthly payments because the lease is in her name.