the Renaissance party torn over the immigration bill

the Renaissance party torn over the immigration bill

The Renaissance deputies returned to Seine-et-Marne. A turbulent return to school: the future immigration bill divides the majority between supporters of firmness and those who want to highlight the integration aspect of the text. The column, signed by MP Sacha Houlié with left-wing parliamentarians to defend the creation of a residence permit for professions in shortage, caused some cringe.

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With our special correspondent in Louan-Villegruis-Fontaine, Julien Chavanne

Karaoke and pool tables are set up near the pool, but that wasn’t enough to completely relax the atmosphere. Sacha Houlié’s political coup has upset his colleagues from the right. The president of the Law Commission assumes: “ I can understand that he has a little excitement about the form since it is a question of opening and therefore opening to the left, and therefore of finding points of agreement on certain provisions which I think makes things move a bit of political cursors. »

Voting for the immigration bill with the votes of the left, why not, assures MP Charles Sitzenshul, one of the voices of the right wing of the party: “ We can work with all opposition groups. With the exception of the extreme right, National Rally, and the extreme left, France Insoumise. It didn’t shock me that much. If it can help the final vote, it will have been a good thing. »

Other of his colleagues are much less willing and are ready to abandon the article on residence permits to obtain the votes of the Republicans.

Faced with the risk of seeing the majority fracture, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne warns her troops: “ Division is poison. We must have moments of exchange and once our line is fixed, move forward as a unit. »

In group therapy mode, Emmanuel Macron’s party remains torn between its right and left legs, still in a precarious balance for six years.