The police in Nyköping report a murder

The police in Nyköping report a murder The picture is a genre picture. – Photo: All Rights Reserved.

“Explosion against property”, the police write on their website.

The police in Södermanland report this:

At 11.25 p.m. several calls are received via 112 about an explosion at a property in central Nyköping. No one is currently physically injured. The site is cordoned off for technical examination. Right now, information is being gathered through interviews with witnesses and others who have information about the incident, as well as a search for the perpetrator(s). The legal situation is attempted murder and public dangerous devastation. No suspect has been arrested for the crime.

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Info on Murder/homicide crime

The number of reports of murder has increased in Sweden by 39% between 2013-2021 *. Nyköping is top 19 in Sweden this year in terms of murder.

The city with the most murders/murders so far this year is Stockholm, followed by Gothenburg and Malmö. Brief facts about Nyköping

Nyköping is located in Södermanland and has 38,780 inhabitants. Nyköping is the second largest city in the county, after Eskilstuna.

* The statistics come from the Crime Prevention Council


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