The national athletes praise the empathetic and warm Wilma Murto – the recent EC gold medalist became sensitive: “It feels better than sports praise”

The national athletes praise the empathetic and warm Wilma Murto

A tired but happy fresh European gold medalist returned to Helsinki-Vantaa from the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Istanbul on Sunday evening. Pole vaulter To Wilma Murro the past 24 hours had been busy and eventful: on Saturday evening, the second EC gold of my career was secured in an exciting pole vault competition.

– The experience was surprisingly different from the summer, but not any weaker. Although it sounds a bit strange to my ears that every six months you go to get a gold medal. A really nice reward for the work done, Murto talked.

Murto didn’t get to the hotel until midnight, and in the morning the award ceremony was already waiting, from where the busy athlete continued straight to the airport – with a slightly nicer way to go. Stories on Murro’s Instagram account showed him sitting with his medal on the seat of a limousine-like SUV.

– I don’t know exactly who was hanging around and on what strings, but I would have been late for the flight if there hadn’t been another ride. The original bus would have left quite a long time before the award ceremony, so directly after the award ceremony, we were directed to the car and told about morje, Murto opened.

– Then I thought that I can probably get there with this ride.

Murto revealed earlier in the morning during the award ceremony that sparkling wine had been consumed at Saturday night’s golden party.

– Had to From Elina Lampela to borrow a wind suit for the award ceremony, when mine smelled like champagne, Murto said with a laugh.

The cold-blooded athlete’s performance in the final was shocking: Murto exceeded the height of 480 for the second time in his career and decided to try to break it again Yelena Isinbayeva 490 of the European Indoor Championships competition record.

The athlete’s gesture after the race was especially praised: in the interview after the final, Murto brought up the European silver medal Tina Sutej’n fate.

– I see him as the kind of jumper who deserves more than silver and bronze from his career, Murto commented.

Sports expert Tuomas Raja was impressed by Murro’s words towards his fierce competitor.

– It says a lot about Wilma as a person. Of course, also about the culture of pole vaulting, Raja commented.

After the EC gold was secured, many of the Finnish fellow athletes praised not only Murro’s gold performance, but also his personality.

– Crazy competitor! And such a warm, encouraging, empathetic and wonderful person!! Wilma has been such a big cheerleader and supported me in difficult times and shared joy in good ones, Lotta Harala wrote.

– In addition to Wilma being a crazy athlete, she is also a crazy friend! Ella Junnila praised.

Murto himself was happy with the praise.

– They probably feel better than sports-focused praise. Sports success and its appreciation is kind of clear, when things go well, things go well. Being a good guy can often be forgotten when you are successful. It’s really nice to hear that others haven’t experienced it and I’m still a good teammate and friend. I’ve been really taken by the comments, Murto talked.

Diamond League in two months

Even though the EC indoor medalist hadn’t even had time to spend a day, Murto already revealed his plans for the off-season.

– In exactly two months, the first Diamond League competition will be held in Doha, where I hope to open the season. There aren’t too many weeks to train in between. It’s really good that he has been able to do a really intact training season and competition season. It seems that there are possibilities for the summer.

Murto admits that he would also be interested in a medal from the World Championships in Hungary in August.

– Of course, it’s a bit of a different sport to get your hands on those global medals. Yes, it’s interesting and I feel that there is enough height in the jump that you can even reach for World Championship medals. However, there is still a lot of time before Budapest, let’s see what can be done by then.

Murto already tried to cross 491 in Istanbul, and many people talk about crossing even five meters for the Finnish athlete.

Murto doesn’t take stress from meters.

– That one company out of 491 wasn’t bad at all, it’s slowly starting to get tough. There is always enough talk about five meters, but it is perhaps little by little less and less of a joke. I’m in no rush to get there, let’s go little by little, step by step, and that day will come when it comes. I don’t know if it will be in a year, two, four or eight, Murto acknowledged.