The MMORPG Throne and Liberty shows its endgame with world bosses, areas and PvE dungeons

Throne and Liberty showed off a lot of its PvP in early 2023, but PvE fans were left unsure about what really awaits them in the game. Mid- and end-game content has now been generally presented in a new producer letter. The bosses in particular make a good visual impression.

What exactly was shown? The blog post was about the mid- and end-game of Throne and Liberty, which should start at level 30. Shown were:

  • The two world bosses Malacca, the Eye of Death, and archboss Tevent.
  • Artwork for three different zones was shown, each with a small description.
  • The first instanced dungeon “The Breach”. It is aimed at a group of 6 players and should require typical MMO elements such as tanking and support. At the end, a challenging boss and useful loot awaits you.
  • All the pictures immediately make you want more, especially the fight against Archboss Tevent looks exciting. This is a huge skeletal monster with purple abilities. In the screenshot, around two dozen players can be seen fighting him.

    By the way, this developer letter is a supplement to the first one, where the new combat system and changes to the attributes and the leveling process were presented.

    We have included the pictures of the two bosses and the final boss in the dungeon here:

    Lots of PvE in the open world, but conflicts constantly arise

    How exactly is the midgame structured? From the information so far, we know that Throne and Liberty is a lot about leveling up and improving your equipment. You can also quest in the open game world and take part in dynamic events.

    Some of these events are aimed only at PvE players, others have PvP active. You can recognize this by a circular marking around the event. If you enter this, you will automatically be involved in combat against other players. However, you can’t lose much because there is no full loot and no other consequences from death, apart from the loss of time.

    New is the group dungeon, which is unlocked at level 30. It should be challenging, but at the same time offer a good alternative to continue collecting XP and crafting materials.

    If you don’t want to go into the instanced dungeon, you can visit one of the dungeons in the open world. However, there is usually PvP there, so you have to fight other players for grind spots and rewards.

    Here you can get a first insight into the new combat system:

    Throne and Liberty – Preview of the new combat system

    More videos

    Which areas await in the midgame? One area is called Gorge of the Orcs. These orcs are considered the strongest fighters in the history of the continent of Solysium. There are said to be constant fights with the green-skinned beasts. Even the concept art shows the typical wooden palisades, tent structures and towers that one is used to seeing from these creatures.

    In the second area, Grayclaw Forest, werewolves are waiting to finish you off. The Korean presentation talks about a large bridge that has been destroyed, forcing you to walk through Lycan territory.

    Zone three is called Lizard Island and is a volcanic island and home to a tribe of lizards.

    The special weather system will play a role again in all three zones.

    What happens in the endgame? While the midgame begins at level 30, you can continue playing until level 50. Only then have you reached the max level. In general, you can continue to follow the previous content – such as the dungeon or the quests – or devote yourself more to PvP. Because that plays an important role in the endgame.

    On the one hand, there are the conflict zones. Every 2-3 days, each area becomes a conflict zone, where guilds fight for area control. However, this only happens in one zone at a time, so you can easily avoid it.

    The second element is the fight for the big castle, which could also be seen again and again in the trailers. This battle only takes place every two weeks and brings the controlling guild some bonuses, but also new tasks.

    For example, an outpost collects taxes, which then have to be transported to the castle. Other guilds can attack this caravan and collect part or even all of the taxes.

    Release in Korea in 2023 and here next year

    When will TL finally appear? The release of Throne and Liberty was first postponed from 2021 to 2022 and then later to 2023. However, we now know that the MMORPG will not be released until 2024.

    It is scheduled to launch in Korea in December, with all the changes such as the removal of autoplay and adjustments to the leveling process.

    By the way, a beta is currently running in North America, but it is under NDA.

    What do you think of the latest information about Throne and Liberty? Does the MMORPG appeal to you or are you rather skeptical?

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