The former head coach of Naislijonien, Pasi Mustonen, asked Suek to investigate six players

The former head coach of Naislijonien Pasi Mustonen asked Suek

The head coach of the Women’s Lions, Pasi Mustonen, accused the players of having “publicly caused a situation” in which he has been treated “unethically”.

Hinn Hirvonen,

STT Sports

Former head coach of the Finnish women’s national ice hockey team Pasi Mustonen said on Sunday Having made an investigation request in MTV’s Huomenta Suomi program (you will switch to another service) of six players to the Finnish sports ethics center Suek.

In turn, the six former and current players of the national team have accused Musto of inappropriate behavior in the national team. Suek’s report on the women’s national ice hockey team was completed in mid-February. The handling of the case by the Ice Hockey Association’s disciplinary committee is in progress.

According to Mustonen, the six players in question have “publicly caused a situation” where he has been treated “unethically”.

– It has manifested itself in public in the pages of magazines and has been verified as writing that harms my reputation and honor, Mustonen told Huomenta Finland.

Former goalkeeper of the Women’s Lions Nora Räty revealed in his book published in the fall that 16 national team players approached the Ice Hockey Federation during the Beijing Olympics with a letter in which they complained about Mustonen’s behavior.

Soon after, ten former players, coaches or background people approached the media with an open letter in which they expressed their support for Mustose.

According to Mustonen, two players belonging to the board of the Ice Hockey Players’ Association would have arrived “in Beijing to destroy the team from within”.

Mustonen left the Beijing Olympics due to personal reasons in the middle of the tournament. The female lions finally reached the Olympic bronze.

Players’ representative, lawyer Matti Huhtamäki Huomenta Finland strongly disagreed with Mustonen’s claims.

– I don’t understand the argument that this would have destroyed the team. This clearly did not affect the team’s success at the Olympics.

– From the point of view of my superiors, it is extremely unfortunate and sad that we are talking about unfinished matters that are still under the discipline of the Ice Hockey Federation, and thus commenting on them publicly or smearing these stakeholders is, in my opinion, wrong and ethically very questionable.

Lionesses Petra Nieminen told Huomenta in Finland that the members of the Players’ Association had contacted the captain because of the reports about Musto, which had been reported by the former players of the national team. According to Nieminen, the announcements came as a surprise. He found the contacts threatening.