The bread and salt empire – that’s how much the CEO earns from Swedish fika

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Bröd & Salt was launched in 2011 when the entrepreneur Michel Mourad, 39, was captivated by the sourdough trend. At the time, he was 28 years old and had no previous experience with bakeries.

But to his credit, he has run a few restaurants in the past and a cafe in Hammarby sjöstad in Stockholm. With the help of a loan from the bank, he took over a bankrupt estate with an existing bakery.

Michel Mourad was sold on the sourdough trend

Michel Mourad also comes from a family of entrepreneurs and quickly became interested in the business model of delivering daily-fresh bread from a bakery.

– I just liked the business model of being able to produce on one unit and send out to the other units. That we didn’t have to build a bakery for each unit for the sake of logistics. Such a range did not exist, at least not in Stockholm, says Michel Mourad Nordea.

Bread & Salt king Michel Mourad’s salary

But what does Michel Mourad gain from the sourdough trend that he solidly jumped on? According to Tax Agency’s information for the assessment year 2020 which News24 took part, Michel Mourad had earned income of SEK 690,884, which gives a monthly salary of SEK 57,573.

The sourdough king also has a capital income of SEK 1,013,006 and is also active in five companies according to All firms.