The 9 best addons of 2022

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To make World of Warcraft a little more enjoyable, players can use a whole range of modifications that change everything – so-called addons. We show you the three best addons for the different areas in Dragonflight.

updated: We updated the article on November 24, 2022 to Patch 10.0 and the new Dragonflight expansion.

Addon list for Dragonflight: Addons in WoW serve the purpose of providing players with additional information, making the game more comfortable for them or simply passing the time. For some areas such as PvP or raids, however, there are some helpers that are a “must have”, both for the start and for the endgame.

However, with Dragonflight came sweeping UI changes that have made some addons obsolete. You no longer need extensions such as Dominos, Bartender and Bagnon, this is all possible via the internal interface.

The best addons for dungeons and raids in Dragonflight

Player versus environment (PvE) content is one of the largest parts of any WoW expansion. In dungeons and raids it is therefore important to be well prepared. With our top 3 you have the ideal basis.

Details! damage meter

A Damage Meter shows you how much damage or healing you’ve done and how your party compares. Such data is important, among other things, for the analysis of fights or for your own improvement.

Details! offers the most setting options of all damage meters with the lowest memory consumption. You can see who died from what, which opponent took the most damage from which skills, or was interrupted – without losing performance in the game.

The Raid Options from Details.

Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM for short) is a kind of “Easy Mode” for all kinds of fights in dungeons and raids. Boss Mod Addons tell you what skills bosses have and give you tips on how to deal with them. Even professional guilds use such addons.

DBM addon developer calls for help – 1100 WoW players help

DBM will also in some cases give out raid icons to specific players when they have quests to complete. Most of the messages displayed are self-explanatory and make many fights much easier and more enjoyable.

In numerous guilds and groups, boss mods are an absolute must, without which you won’t be taken along at all. A popular alternative to DBM is BigWigs, which is also often used in raids.

An example of warnings, bars and distance indicators in DBM.

WeakAuras 2

WeakAuras 2 is a bit more complicated than other addons. It’s a kind of sandbox that lets you view just about anything. You can use WeakAuras to create your own gauges that give you information about cooldowns or abilities.

WeakAuras can highlight both your own abilities and those of opponents. There are pre-made auras for bosses and classes or specializations that you can even share with your party. The training is a bit time-consuming, but worth it – a must-addon for many raids.

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The function of Pawn is quite simple: the addon compares two items and tells you how much stronger or weaker a corresponding piece of equipment is. Or more simply: Pawn tells you which item you should wear.

You can rely on ready-made values, or feed the addon with your own values, which you have previously determined through simulations – for example via raidbots. Many raiders swear by Pawn and update their profiles every time their stats change.

You can use a menu to determine your own values, which determine the strength of an item.

The best addons for leveling in Dragonflight 2022

Dragonflight raises the level cap to 70 and significantly changes leveling. The path to level 60 is now so short that it only takes some players about 3 hours. The experience required has been greatly reduced, making it easier for you to follow suit with alternate characters.

There are countless addons for WoW that are supposed to make leveling easier or faster. We have selected three addons for you that will give you a few advantages or make everything more pleasant on the way to the maximum level.


Anyone who has been playing WoW for a long time probably has their pockets and bank in order. The Addon Scrap helps you to keep this order by managing collected “scrap” for you.

If your pockets are full, you can simply click on a button at the nearest retailer – and everything that has no special value will be sold with one click.

Scrap comes with its own handy tutorial.


Probably the most useful addon for leveling and later is NPCScan. With the default settings, NPCScan gives you audiovisual signals as soon as a rare opponent (raremob) has been found and marks them with a raid icon.

You can select a found NPC directly via the addon’s interface. Rare mobs will reward you with special loot or even a large chunk of experience, making NPCScan particularly useful for leveling. Go to the Curse page of NPCScan.

By the way: rare opponents are traditionally marked with a silver dragon. It almost disappeared after 18 years of WoW.

This is what it looks like when NPCScan finds a rare mob.

The best addons for PvP

With Dragonflight, the conflict between Horde and Alliance recedes into the background, but it’s still there, especially in “open PvP.” Who plays with which addons in PvP is highly subjective – but our top 3 give you a solid foundation when you want to start or improve.


One of the most important and probably the most important PvP addon is Gladius. The addon helps you to keep track when you are in a fight with other players in the arena.

Gladius gives you information about your opponents’ PvP talents, specialization, health and resources. You can customize Gladius to customize the size and information to suit your needs, or use default settings.

Cooldowns and important skills at a glance – addons make it possible.


With OmniBar you get an overview of the cooldown times of the most important abilities of yourself and your opponents. Icons with a timer show you which ability can be used again and when. This even works in Open PvP.

You can customize which abilities of which class you want to track – which makes it clearer for certain fights by allowing you to hide unimportant things.

Image source: Curse.

Gladiator LosSA2

Behind the tongue twister GladiatorlosSA2 hides an addon for PvP starters. GladiatorlosSA2 tells you which important skills are currently being used by your opponents.

While GladiatorlosSA2 doesn’t tell you how long it will take for skills to recharge, it does help you learn. It also helps you deal better with crowd control effects by telling you exactly what you’re getting.

Image source: Curse.

Short guide in German: Install WoW addons

Of course, in order to get an addon to work, you have to install it first. This can be done in 2 ways: Directly or via a client.

Direct installation

If you want to integrate an addon into WoW yourself, the easiest way is to visit the Curse website. Curse is the largest website for WoW modifications.

Choose an addon and download it. You will then get a .zip or .rar file that you have to unpack using a program like 7zip and then you will have the addon in a folder of the same name. Drag this folder into the path _retail_/Interface/Addons in your WoW directory.

This is where you install all addons.

Installation with Overwolf and CurseForge

Curse has its own client that you can get on the website. Installation is a bit easier via the CurseForge client.

The client searches for installed games and you can then simply select WoW from the selection. Make sure you choose the right partition. If you have WoW and WoW Classic installed, the correct path for Dragonflight looks something like this:

  • C:GamesWorld of Warcraft_retail_
  • CurseForge gives you a selection from the retail and the classic version as a dropdown. With a click on “Get More Addons” you get a list of all addons from Curse. Once you’ve found what you want, simply click “Install”. The client does the rest.

    The client looks similar to that of Twitch back then and can be used in the same way.

    Install addons with WoWUp

    The independent client WoWUp offers an alternative to Overwolf. You can get it on the official homepage and from there you can simply download, unzip and start the file for Windows, Linux and Mac. An installation is not necessary.

    Like Overwolf, WoWUp also recognizes your WoW installation and lets you update, install and uninstall addons with a simple click. We explain exactly how this works in the detailed guide to WoWUp on MeinMMO.

    Activate addons

    Once you have installed the addons, all you have to do is activate them. The next time you start WoW, you will see the “Addon” button in the character selection at the bottom left. Here you select all addons that you want to activate and have them ready when you log in.

    Here you will find a clear list of all installed addons.

    With Dragonflight, WoW is now in its ninth expansion and addons are part of the everyday life of most players. With our tips you are optimally prepared to master any content from World of Warcraft.

    Do you have any other addons that you would strongly recommend?

    Dragonflight wants to renew and improve many old systems. This not only serves to make the extension itself better, but should also become a cornerstone for the future, as the developers told us:

    Interview with WoW Developer: “Dragonflight features will forever improve the future of WoW”