The 5 Most Violent OP Weapons in Call of Duty History

MeinMMO editor Maik Schneider is the first to get upset about OP weapons in Call of Duty and then pushes them into his loadout himself. He reminisces about the unpleasant encounters that have taken place over the years.

How did the list come about? World at War (2008) was my first Call of Duty and since then a good dozen have been added. In the course of my “career” I’ve taken quite a few bullets from surgical weapons.

I’ll list you the 5 worst weapons I’ve seen over the years. For this I draw on my own experience, but I have also based myself on similar lists, which I will put in the sources for you. My list does not represent a ranking.

Then let’s start with the nostalgic weapons knowledge, which brings back to mind long-suppressed rage quits. If you want to know beforehand what’s going on with the current CoD, take a look at the trailer for Season 3:

CoD MW2 & Warzone 2: Season 3 – Trailer

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Brecci Shotgun – Black Ops 3 (2015)

We start with a shotgun from the Black Ops series, which was celebrated for its balancing up to BO3. To date, Black Ops 2 is considered the best CoD in terms of balance and competitive gameplay.

Shotgun players are such a special breed anyway – you should have seen my Titan interact with a shotgun in Destiny… awkward. If you give such people an OP weapon, you can’t guarantee anything.

The weapon became really powerful with a certain mod. It ensured a high rate of fire. This, along with the narrow shot distribution and high headshot multiplier, made the Brecci an unwelcome guest in any lobby.

MP40 – World War II (2017)

The MP40 has already appeared in many CoDs and was considered badly overpowered, especially in the 2017 CoD. It came with the trinity of submachine guns: high rate of fire, high damage, accurate hip fire.

And she was still useful at a distance. A real monster.

Also in Call of Duty: Vanguard (2021) the MP40 had a permanent place in many loadouts. In the beta and weeks after the release, the gun dominated at short range and received a hard nerf.

BAL-27 – Advanced Warfare (2014)

In addition to the basic versions of the weapons, the Call of Duty from 2014 also brought special variants that could be unlocked. They then came with other values ​​and especially the “Obsidian Steed” was considered wildly different.

Compared to the normal variant, there was still a good portion of damage on top, which mostly allowed kills with 3 shots. A nightmare combined with the high rate of fire. Added to this was the low recoil.

The perfect weapon in a shooter where enemies thunder through the lobbies like bouncy balls.

Model 1887 Akimbo – CoD MW2 2009

In the still celebrated MW2 from 2009, the sniper “Intervention” was my personal boss. I haven’t been to many public matches this year. I spent most of the game time training in private lobbies.

But no matter which list you call up for the OP weapons in CoD history: the small shotgun with an Akimbo mod can be found everywhere.

Even without the targeting function, the weapons landed hip hits at sniper distances. Along with some movement perks, mine was almost unbeatable. The 725 from MW 2019 brought back memories of these OP beasts in many players.

By the way, I don’t want to talk about the noob tubes of MW2 2009. Please respect my pain.

DMR 14 – Warzone 1 (2020)

My personal highlight of the list. Coming from CoD: Cold War to Battle Royale Warzone just before Christmas 2020, this single-shot weapon completely rolled up the meta. It was super powerful and easy to use. In addition, there were no updates over the holidays, so the week was way too strong for weeks.

The mean was: Due to the single-shot mode, a certain skill gap remained. If you had little experience, you couldn’t use the power of the OP weapon. For experienced players, however, the part was a blessing.

The Nerf protests even made it into the real world. And since CoD: Warzone was still extremely popular at this point, more players were probably affected by this OP weapon than most before it.

This was my list of the worst Surgical Weapons in Call of Duty history.

The opinions on the subject are diverse, I noticed that during my research. So leave me a comment on which weapon is missing from the list or which one you would remove.

If you want to know what’s going on at CoD in this generation, you can find a personal assessment here: Call of Duty had the worst year in a long time and is now even worse than after CoD Vanguard