“That’s what we all need to hear”

On Monday, Zlatan Ibrahimovic returned to Milan’s training facility for a visit.
Then he took the opportunity to send a message to the club’s supporters.
– I’m ready to play, says “Ibra” on Instagram.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 41, ended his career in June, after 24 years as a professional soccer player. His last stop was Milan, where he spent a total of 5 years divided into two stays. “Ibra”, who remains in Italy with his family, was back at Milanello, Milan’s training facility, on Monday.

Zlatan’s dick

During the visit, he was seen, among other things, talking to coaches Stefano Pioli during the team’s training session. During Tuesday, Milan’s Instagram account published a video with Ibrahimovic, which was recorded in connection with his visit.
– Hello all Milan supporters. I came here to Milanello and immediately told the coach that I am ready to play, but my name was not on the list, he says with a meaningful look into the camera and continues:
– Even though I feel healthy and fit.

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230604 Zlatan Ibrahimovic of AC Milan during his honoring after the Serie A football match between AC Milan and Hellas Verona on June 4, 2023 in Milan. Photo: Matteo Gibraudi / BILDBYRÅN / code XZ / XZ0108

Then Zlatan breaks the act, see the video below.
– Joking aside, keep supporting Milan, everything will be fine, and we’ll see you at San Siro, he says with a big smile.

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Raises questions

In the comments section, “Ibra” is praised by the supporters.
“Grande Zlatan”, writes one user.
“The king,” writes another.
“That’s what we all need to hear,” writes one follower.
“I love you Zlatan. More than anything else,” adds another follower.

The article continues after the picture.

Zlatan’s greeting to the Milan fans via social media. PHOTO: Instagram

But the video doesn’t just attract accolades. A smiling Ibrahimovic ended the message with “ciao, arrivederci”, which translates to “goodbye, see you soon”. The last phrase immediately sparked speculation among fans.
“That “arrivederci” though…”, writes a thoughtful follower.
“Something is boiling in the pot…. it’s definitely coming in the direction,” writes another.
“I feel that something is going on here…”, says a third.

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It’s not just the supporters. Several media speculated whether the visit to Milanello was not just a visit. The Italian journalist Nicolò Schira has previously reported that Milan’s CEO wants to recruit Zlatan to a leadership role in the club. But whether there will be any new job remains to be seen.

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