Temperatures are alarming in Greenland! Highest in 1,000 years: We have a clear signature of global warming

Temperatures are alarming in Greenland Highest in 1000 years We

Temperatures are sounding alarm in Greenland. In the article published in the journal Nature, it was stated that temperatures in the northern part of Greenland increased by 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit) compared to the 20th century, and thermometers measure the highest temperature in the last 1000 years. By studying samples from ice sheets and ice cores, the scientists determined that temperatures have entered a rapid increase since 1995.


“We continue to see temperatures rising between the 1990s and 2011. We now have a clear signature of global warming,” said Maria Hörhold, an ice scientist on the research team. she said.

Hoerhold said that an occasional weather system called “Greenland restraint” has until now concealed the consequences of human-induced climate change.


“There are a dozen sleeping giants in the shape of an ice stream”

“We should be very worried about northern Greenland warming because there are a dozen sleeping giants in that area in the form of large tidal glaciers and an ice current,” said Jason Box, an ice scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute, who was involved in the study. used the phrases.

While it will take a long time to analyze the ice cores that provide insight into Greenland’s long-term temperature changes, data from the ice cores was last updated in 1995 and previously suggested that Greenland’s Arctic region is not warming as fast as other regions. (AA)